Talk Me Down From the Ledge...

  1. Ever since I saw the Coffer in person on Saturday, I can't get that bag out of my mind. :love: I bought the Bow Satchel, which I love and am going to keep, but those Coffers are just so d@mn gorgeous. Usually I tend to shy away from very distinctive bags, or "it" bags as I'm afraid I'll either get tired of them or they'll look dated in a couple of years (or be so faked that they're on the arm of every other gal on the street). They also seem like possibly a dressier bag than my wardrobe usually warrants. I especially like the dark brown and black, though all of the colors are nice in this style. So tell me the good, the bag and the ugly.
  2. I am the WRONG person to talk to...I can only help by enabling you....As I'm not a fan of the Coffer...I say get can always return it if you decide it doesn't work for you...If you're anything like might as well just get it to stop the insanity..I end up obesessing and have learned to save time & energy by just getting the damn bag..Chances are it's not what I thought it would be anyways and back it goes...I just keep trying until I hit it..then I'm on to the next!!! Like now..I have a Gauffre coming tomorrow but have been looking for another bag all weekend...I can't help's like crack this handbag addiction!! --so is this pf!!! Love it though!!..Keep us posted...Good luck w/ your decision.....But if you like it and the $$ isn't too much of a stress factor than go for it...Life is too short..Enjoy!
  3. I'm still out on the ledge, ladies. Now I'm torn between the dark brown leather, the black or the lighter brown leather. Which would be the most versatile?
  4. GET IT!!!
    I like the dark brown and the Black the best..Its a hot bag
  5. Get the coffer!!! It's the most loveable bag in the whole, wide world:love:
  6. Y'all are a BAD BAD influence. Bobbie at Saks BH is holding one for me....dark brown. :shame:
  7. Oh Good! I was going to suggest that color! On hold?!?! When are you going to go get it? You MUST be excited!! Come down from the ledge and join us!!! :nuts: :nuts: Keep us posted!!
  8. Probably later this week. I bought the Bow Satchel on Saturday and Saks is shortening the shoulder strap for me, so when I go pick it up I'll have another look at the brown Coffer.
  9. I like the brown :smile:
  10. Pretty, pretty!! Brown coffer!! Whee:smile: Suede or regular?
  11. Which bow did you get ? The large/small..What color? I just sent back the white one..I really do love everything about that bag but the bows weren't me....I was very impressed w/ that bag but wasn't quite what I was looking for...Hopefully my gauffre(satchel) will be here today..Having probs w/ Fed Ex ground..they are horrible!! They need a sig confirmation and won't let me pick it up until they try 3 x's!!! I left a note on the door today to come back after 4 pm....I was having probs making my note stick b/c it's FREEZING here!!!! -2 and the windchill is 20 below!!! :cursing: Fingers crossed....Good luck with your gauffre..!! Yes we are all bad here...a bunch of enablers we are!!:smile:
  12. I got the larger one in the nut brown color. I wasn't impressed with the bag at all from pictures, thought the bows looked silly. But seeing the bag IRL, I had an entirely different impression. I'm not a frills-and-lace type at all but I like that the bows take what would be a fairly plain bag and give it a bit of a girly edge without being cutesy at all.
  13. Hi pseub - I'm with you on the bow satchel. I've got it in off white and love it. I'm not a frills or bows girl at all but these I can live with. I got it out this morning just to loook at (!) as the UK weather isn't bright enough yet to warrant using it.
    Good luck with the coffer - I was worried it was a bit too 'IT' and would date quickly but I guess it's a chance you take with any bag nowadays. If you love it you'll use it. Let us know what you decide.
  14. Yeah, in the cold light of morning I'm thinking that this bag might be on the trendy side, and I've promised myself I'm not buying any more "it" bags unless I think they're going to have at least a few years' run. I'll have another look at it, but right now am leaning toward not buying.
  15. Girl I so understand where you are coming from. At school today I say some girl with a white coffer and I nearly fainted.
    It was so pretty that I really want one now in white but I know I would prob get it dirty which is why I haven't ordered one yet. But anyway good luck with your decision. I would love to see pictures if you do decide to buy it. It's a gorgeous bag:love: