Talk About Your Positive and Negative Cruise Expereince

  1. I have been on 6 cruises so far, and enjoyed every single one of them. I used to think that cruises were for old people. Now, I learn how great life is with cruising, visiting many countries and places without ever having to pack and unpack and without feeling exhausted from traveling. All I have to do is sleep at night, saving up my energy for all day excursion and shopping.

    My husband and I also take advantage of cruises as honeymoon vacations. We love to be waited on during meals, and take our time enjoying every course.

    What about you? How is your crusing experience?
  2. i'm not really been on a cruise as in big luxury cruises.
    but i've been on several boat trip...
    mostly surfing trips to islands with my bf and friends. and i must say, i have a weakness in seasick :P
    so the first few hours is hell to me...
    i got seasick and puke... i now, it's disgusting :P
    but then after a day, i get used to it, although whenever we reached to a surf point, i always jump to have a swim or snorkling because i don't surf.
    or i just get on one of the surf boards and paddled to the shore and just walk around on the deserted island, reading books and sun bathing and relaxed.
    it's sounds like nothing, but it's sooo much fun to me.
  3. Ive only been on one cruise this past summer. it was plain GREAT!! i love them and will go again, we went to Ocho Rios Jamaica and Grand Cayman Island. the only negative thing was that i wanted a little more time on the ports because when i did an excursion, afterwards it was almost time to go! but i will be going again for sure.
  4. Cruising is great to see a lot of places in a quick amount of time. Honestly I prefer to go somewhere for a week so I don't feel rushed to get everything in. Cruising is nice, I will definitely do more of them but my preference is an all-inclusive somewhere with lots to do.
  5. I went on a cruise this past summer to the southern Caribbean on Royal Caribbean cruise lines and i had a GREAT time. Great service and you get a-lot for your money. We went to St. maarten, St. Thomas, Barbados, St. Lucia and Puerto Rico. I will def. cruise again!

  6. I went on a cruise to Alaska in July. It was a great trip until the end, when the Norwalk virus broke out on the ship and some people got so sick that they were transferred to local hospitals. Also, we had an engine break down on the second to last day, reducing our speed to the extent that it caused me to not only miss my original flight, but I had to take a red-eye instead and go to work straight from the airport. I loved Alaska, though. I highly recommend it, just on another ship!
  7. I've only been on cruises with my parents. I think at a point in age it's hard to have fun while on a contained vessel with your parents. But I think cruises as long as it's not rocky seas are a blast.
  8. We went on one recently and it was heinous! LOL!
    It was like a floating Spring Break for obnoxious adults.
    I will admit that we should give it another try on a much pricier cruise to a different place as this was a 3 day trip from LA to Mexico. . . which I assume = inexpensive and full of heavy drinkers{?}

    We hated the rocking back and forth and we didn't like the massive amount of drinking and partying. . . .
    we're a little spoiled by Luxe Hotels though and the rooms on a cruise, even though we were allegedly in a "nicer room" they just can't compare.
    Not sure if we'll ever try again.
    My DH's parent's are trying to convince us to take a week to Alaska next summer. . . we'll see, the DH is a hard sell on that stuff.
  9. I'll admit it. I've been around the world, but never on a boat. I really want to go on a cruise, but my BF refuses. My mom is willing to go...but why would I want to go on a cruise with her?
  10. LMBO Erika!?
    She sounds like a sweetheart though! You don't wanna travel w/ Mom?
  11. Uh, yea she is. But do I really want to be stuck at sea with her for at a minimum 3 days? Do I want to be required to stay in a room with her when she goes to bed at 9 and I go to bed at 1 at the earliest?

    Besides, she's a cruise whore. She goes at least once a year. She's seen these places already.
  12. gotcha!:lol:
  13. I've been on three cruises (1 Alaska, 2 Caribbean) and all were FABULOUS.

    ITA, it's a great way to travel. I went on Holland America which tends to attract the older crowd but us 20-30-40 somethings all found eachother and had an amazing time. You can do everything or nothing. Never boring! I've met wonderful people from all over the country and I loved the family atmosphere of dinner where you would eat with the same group of 10 every night.

    I travelled with a girlfriend (wasn't dating anyone at the time). We ended up getting an inside cabin with no windows so it was pitch black in there at noon or midnight. We did it to save a little cash - more to spend on excursions or shopping!

    People always say they gain weight on cruises because of all the incredible food. I actually lose weight because I'm running around so much. I always choose the active excursions like a bike ride, walking tour, catamaran/snorkeling, plus always get in the workout room on board or run/walk laps around the ship.
  14. I recently went and there were not a lot of activities for kids/teens/young adults AT was a very gray cruise, and the kids there were almost too young to appreciate it. I almost wish I hadn't gone and I'm 27, only because I know I'll never see anything that beautiful again.
  15. I LOVE cruises! We are taking a Mediterranean cruise summer '07. All I can say is Carnival Cruise lines :yucky: hate 'em. Royal Caribbean :yahoo: the best! Last cruise was on the Mariner of the Seas. Fabulous!! Had something for everyone and the people weren't there just to pig out on the food. It was wonderful!