Talk about the ULTIMATE travel accessories!!! Japan site

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  1. If I had this set, I wouldn't be able to fit thru the hotel lobbies because my head would be too BIG!!! :supacool:LMAO

    How gorgeous is this?! Japan always get's the good stuff! :drool:

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  2. I thought I just saw the second travel item at under "a" ??! It was arround $700-$800 I think...
  3. This set was at the South Coast plaza store last week. I really wanted the wheel along. If it is still available for the next PCE I will get it.
  4. I love it but i'd be too afraid spending that money, knowing that some guy is throwing it from one cart into another without any care at all... :sad: I see them often trough the window at the airport, they "throw" luggage careless arround...... *cry* And the airline dosen't take any responsibility if it breaks down...
  5. This is quite true Coachmommyofmin..I guess since DH and I always do road trips I didn't think if that!!! I still want it though...maybe the bad people will do a replica of it that I'll be able to afford!!! KIDDING!!! LMAO
  6. Nice! I wonder if the wheeled suitcase is carry on compliant? We never check luggage after watching one of those investigative reports (Dateline, I think) showing footage of how the airline employees rifle through suitcases like mad :nogood: We've learned to pack light and always just carry on even tho we travel with both our kids.
  7. They are on they U.S website too. The only time I'd buy expensive luggage is if it is a carry on.
  8. Yep..I did finally track it down on for the US!!! I guess in this case Japan dosen't have one up on us!!! I've gotta win the powerball lottery! DH says it's the hardest game to win at!!!! LOL
  9. I really like the Penelope luggage. It's got a really modern print but on a classy vintage style.
  10. Hey there TenYearsGone...I'm an Amanda too! Happy birthday in 4 days, incase I'm not around!!! I hope you get some fabulous birthday goodies!!!
  11. Haha, winning the lottery would be VERY nice.
  12. Aw, thank you. I hope I get lots of goodies too. It's nice to meet another Amanda. Was it a common name when you were in school? For the first four or five years of school there were always at least three Amandas in my class. Lol.
  13. My boutique actually had this one on display

    It's definitely a great looking bag, but when I travel, I don't really care what my suitcases look like.

    I was at an upscale event a few weeks ago and someone was selling vintage LV suitcases. The cheapest I saw was $800.00 and the most expensive I saw was $1,500.00. Some lady actually bought 4 suitcases. I thought maybe she was a collector, but she said her old luggage to cheap and tacky and she wanted something new so she could travel in style! I definitely wouldn't want to have my $1,500.00 suitcase thrown around by an airline baggage handler. Of course, I heard her husband spent $100,000 on a car, so I suppose $1,500 is nothing!!
  14. Do these come in other colors? I would love to get a Coach suitcase :smile:
  15. I saw those on the .com website a few weeks ago & the big overnight bag at Yorkdale! Super nice!!!