Talk about pathetic....

  1. In an effort to be financially responsible, I have not been buying new bags unless I have sold something to pay for my new purchases. Lately I have had successful yard sales and cleared out all kinds of stuff from my basement and storage building. I love all the free space and cash I now have so I highly recommend you take advantage of the cooler temperatures outside and have a yard sale if you can.

    Anyway...I have been craving a purse or twiggy lately because I now have lots of new accessories that I need to carry. :drool: So I have outgrown the First size. I wanted to sell a bag to fund a new purchase but that isn't going so well, so I sold the trolling motor that came with our pontoon boat. We took it off of the boat when it was brand new and we've never used it. It has just been sitting in our storage shed all of this time. I got $650 for it! :happydance:

    So I now have a truffle twiggy on it's way to me! I'll post pics when I get it. I just thought you all might think it was funny/pathetic that I am selling boat motors and such to fund bag purchases. I think it is rather clever myself. :sneaky:
  2. Whoo hoo! I do the same thing; sell one, buy one...I don't think it's pathetic at all. Congratulations, I can't wait to see pictures! I really like the truffle color.
  3. no lori.... i think thats smart.....not pathetic at all.... if i have anything to sell, i would... to fund my bag addiction.....
  4. I have GOT to have a boat motor around here somewhere! *searches frantically*

    Good job, I see absolutely nothing pathetic about that at all! It's very responsible actually. :yes: :idea:
  5. Awesome job Lori! I think that is so great. Now if I only had a boat motor..........:yes:
  6. good job! that's not pathetic at all, I save $25 dollars per week=$100 per month witch equals $1200 to feed my bag addiction! now that's pathetic LOL!:lol:

    P S i'm getting my first city bbag this week!!
  7. You gotta do what you gotta do! :graucho:
  8. wow, lorib! that is what i call being resourceful, not pathetic.
    i'd definitely pick the bag over the motor anyday.:lol:
  9. Not pathetic at all, congrats on the new bag!
  10. :graucho: excellent way to get money!!! cant wait to see your new b-bag!!!
  11. it's not funny nor pathetic to sell stuff you reckon you don't actually need anymore to put in your new bag fund! a very practical way of buying a new one without feeling guilty or so we think........."us women and our guilty pleasures!" darn it! congratulations! congratulations! congratulations!
  12. that's not pathetic! im thinking of selling a few things to fund my love of bags too! im sure you'll love your bbag & wont miss the motor!!
  13. LoriB, if your motor boat sale is the catalyst for patheticism then I'm lined up waiting for it to propel me to my next bag purchase! What a brilliant idea! You were able to buy a new purse AND keep your old one. It is a win-win situation! Bravo!
  14. I had such a great time with you the other night ,I had to stop in to say hi! Well, I am proud of you!:lol: That is awsome!!!:nuts: Congratulations, can't wait for pics!
  15. That's not pathetic - that's very smart... (Damn, I wish I had a boat motor kicking around somewhere!)

    I try to clear out stuff that I no longer use too... old cell phones and electronics, clothes - it all adds up and frees up more space in my closet!