Talk about markup on Ebay...

  1. WOW :wtf:
  2. That is horrible, I cannot belive someone would mark up a bag that drastically.
  3. Seller stated it's a full price bag though - not an outlet bag.
  4. Does it matter what someone marks something up at?
    If I don't want to pay the price someone is asking, I hit my backbutton. :shrugs:
  5. A bag is worth what a buyer is willing to pay. If a buyer doesn't like the price, they can always move on. It's a great bag
  6. I totally agree!
  7. Maybe the seller is a tPF'er and doesnt want to part with the bag unless its the right price, ya know? I know there are plenty of us on here that love some of our bags enough, that if someone walked up to us and offered us double what we paid for it, we'd still say no.
  8. I'm sure it is a great bag but they're not selling at anywhere near that price. None.
  9. Well as some of us like to peruse eBay auctions and some like to post fake bags, I felt like commenting on a large mark-up on a bag as no other Alis on eBay have sold for near that much. Not like I said she's the spawn of Satan or anything. :confused1:
  10. So? Outlet bags aren't inferior. Heck my Ali from the outlet escaped the bullseye mark. Still doesn't make the bag worth way more than any others have sold for on eBay in the last couple of months.
  11. People can buy the bag & take it to the full price store for full credit for another bag. That is why sellers price some bags the way they do. There are alot of scammers on ebay. One guy sells information telling buyers to do this kind of stuff.

    So if that seller lowers her price to, say $275 like the outlet bags are going for, a buyer can buy it and take it to the outlet & get full credit plus tax for it.
  12. Can see your point there but I still think she'll be sitting on the bag for a while. Wait though- if they don't have a receipt, won't they only give them the lowest price the bag sold for? That's what I've always heard... Didn't really think I'd get grief for posting this. There was another thread a while back about this (other bags that were marked up a lot over retail) and no one jumped on the OP. Oh well...fits in with how things are going lately...
  13. yeah, i saw this too. i think she's :nuts:
  14. It's same thing as pricing a house you want to sell way too high. When others around you (comparable) are selling for less, you will be sitting on yours for quite a while if not forever. No matter what the circumstances, that bag is overpriced for ebay.