talk about excellent customer service

  1. i am not good at telling stories, so bare with me, but i am absolutely amazed at the level of customer service at Nordstrom.

    i have been dealing with the most amazing SA from Nordstrom Seattle, named Frederick...out of all the places i called he was the only one who was willing send me digi pics, we went back and forth, he even took pics with as well as without model.

    after about 1 week of back and forth via phone and email, i finally decided to make the purchase, however, within the same day i found out that my first choice bag became available at Saks, so i called back requesting to process the refund and he was not upset at all, he was happy for me and congratulated me on finally finding the one i wanted! he did not make me feel bad at all for wasting basically 1 week of his time, and made everything so easy... i feel terrible not buying it from him, but if i ever get the chance to do business w/ him, i will gladly help him earn his commission! he said he will even call me to follow up with me to make sure the refund went through okay and that i am happy w/ my new bag that i will be buying from Saks.

    just unbelievable!
    i have never been treated with so much respect and consideration by a SA.
  2. Great story. If I were you I would send him a $10 starbuck card as a nice gesture. Everyone likes a starbucks card and if he is in Seattle I'm sure he can use it!!
  3. that's an excellent idea. if i send it to the store address, will he get it for sure?
  4. Send the envelope to the store with his name on it. Like "attention to: Frederick _____". Put it in a nice little thank you note and you're done. I'm sure he will appreciate it! I send little notes/pictures/newspaper articles to my favorite SAs all the time. They always get them and they really like them!
  5. But then again, I love getting and sending snail mail. It really says you took the time to do something.
  6. Is Frederick really a man? I have spoken to him a couple of times and swore it is a woman. Whatever the gender, he/she was extremely professional, patient and helpful!
  7. i know what you mean, i thought it was a she, until i called one day and asked for "her", and the person answered the phone corrected me and said "first of all, frederick is a he".

    but he is just so AMAZING!!! so great.
  8. Great story!! I would also note on the envelope as "Personal", so it doesn't get opened prior to Frederick receiving it.
  9. I met Frederick in person and he is was so nice. He knows all about the Purse Forum and believes in providing excellent customer service. I think the Starbucks card would be a a nice gesture to give someone who provided that kind of service.
  10. so, he's famous...can i buy starbucks card online? cuz i'm in canada, if i was to buy one from here, i don't think he'd be able ot use it in the u.s.
  11. I always thought Frederick was a woman too and it was pronounced FrederEEK.
  12. I just spoke with my son... he is a student and works part time at Starbucks. He said the cards can be used anywhere, except the airport Starbucks, which are independent.

    Please tell me how this story ends. I have been tempted to buy from a department store in the States, but wasn't sure how helpful they would be. Please let us know all the details, such as what method of shipping and how much duty you ended up paying. (Duty on bags is not as high as duty on clothes... )
  13. i don't have it shipped directly to me, i send it to a friend in the states who then sends it to me. but i have managed to find 1 awsome SA from each of the major department stores in the states, if you want, i can give their contact information to you. but i am utmost impressed by Frederick! i was and still am so blown away by his service.
  14. I agree. He sounds fantastic. I wish all the SAs were trained to be like that!
  15. Aaaaw, he seems sweet :love: I love it when SA's are like that. They just give one a really good feeling, and makes me want to shop more from the brand later. Wonderful idea to buy him a starbucks card :smile: