Talk about bursting my bubble! My D(amn)H just said my new Patent bags look PLASTIC!

  1. So I received my RED patent Ergo Tote last Friday and my POND Patent Ergo Hobo today. (I've posted many photos of both if you're curious and haven't seen them.) Well, my RED tote just makes me smile every time I look at her. Red is my fav color and she is the perfect shade and the gloss from the patent is gorgeous! The POND is an absolutely stunning color and this one caused me to gasp when I opened the box this morning.
    I just showed my D(amn)H the pond hobo and he tells me "those purses look like they're plastic". :throwup: WTH?!?:wtf: I don't buy Coach for the name itself but b/c I know they are excellent quality at a price I can afford. I walk around proudly b/c my bags are functional, stylish, pretty and well made. And I've been so thrilled with my new ergo tote this past week that I've been strutting around like a peacock!
    To think that someone might have thought my red patent tote is PLASTIC?:cry: The idea breaks my heart.:crybaby:
    Overly dramatic :rant:rant, I know. I just had to share and hopefully I'll get a few replies stating that there is NO WAY anyone could mistake these beauties as plastic.:hysteric:
  2. I think your bags are GORGEOUS and what do men know, anyway???? :shrugs:
  3. OMG!!! You poor thing! I think they are so gorgeous and I certainly think there is no way people could think that they are plastic!!!!
  4. Aw honey just remember...... he's a BOY.... they stopped 'growing up' at age 11 (they may be taller and have a lot more body hair but they are ALL 11)..... my 41 year old man-boy says, "Just looks like a dumb purse" no matter what I've shown him.

    Don't sweat it... that's why you have us...the tPF Coach Forum Gals! *WE* know how gorgeous your bags are (AND THEY ARE TDF) and *WE* don't care what dumb boys think of our bags.

    (DISCLAIMER: Boys who LIKE Coach bags.... yer not a dumb 11 year old boy.)
  5. I think they look beautiful!! Men know (almost) nothing about a beautiful purse, so try not let it get to you too much. Enjoy and keep strutting!
  6. :wtf: :crybaby: It so does not look plastic!! I absolutely LOVE the red Ergo! If I could pull off carrying a red bag, I would so be getting one! It is BEAUTIFUL!! Just pet her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear instead of the not so "D" H's ears. :yes:
  7. I totally agree! :yes: Your patent ergos are so gorgeous and they are definitely not plastic-looking in the slightest. You might want to tell your DH that he needs to make an appointment for an eye exam, because he might be losing his eyesight! :p
  8. Your bags are lovely! Maybe DH should be put on a ban for a while ( if you know what I mean!!!):rolleyes:
  9. I agree, what do men know about purses anyway:p! They are beautiful , enjoy them!:yahoo:
  10. Hubby's don't always understand.
    My husband never says a word about my clothes but over the holidays I bought a sexy dress to wear to a party. When I put it on he got all upset and said "Were is the rest of it?" It was a little short but fashionable. I changed and was upset for days. We laugh about it now.
    Enjoy your new bags. They are beautiful!
  11. You have beautiful bags and I can't believe your DH mistook them for plastic. Next time you guys are shopping at the mall, show him the diff btw plastic bags and patent bags!
  12. When I get a new purse and show it to my husband he says "I don't know ... honey it's a BAG!" Boys don't understand. He used to tease me about TPF until I reminded him of all the time he spends on that Baseball Website!
  13. Keeping strutting..those bags are just don't know quality purses. I have drooled over the pics of your bags and they do not look plastic!! That red one is one hot MAMA and the pond makes me want to order one right now!
  14. Whenever I ask my husband something like that (which isnt very frequently!) he always tells me "Im a boy. We dont know about stuff like that." Truer words have never been spoken; hence, I dont ask for an opinion very often. Coach patent is awesome. I have a gallery tote in patent, and it looks terrific, and the ergo totes look great in patent as well. Anyone who thinks you are walking around with a plastic purse needs a little lesson on the finer things in life!!
  15. No way do they look plastic :nogood: and that red tote is TDF!!! :love::drool: