Talk about being obsessed......

  1. So I decided I want a large black or white Cerf tote for my upcoming birthday in a few weeks.
    Seems to be the wrong time of the year to be looking for the Cerf, because I've been calling
    (read: bugging :sweatdrop:) several boutiques over here in Europe and they all say it will come again within the fall collection.

    That's great...lovely....thanks for telling me, but I just don't wanna wait for the fall collection, I want it now! :hysteric:

    I had found a white one at the Heathrow Airport boutique, but they aren't allowed to ship, sigh. :bagslap:
    They also have a pink Cerf available, if anyone's interested.

    Then I decided to call the Rue Cambon (love to hear them say: bonjour Madame ;))
    to see if they could help me out and they promised to call me back tomorrow.
    Please keep your fingers crossed that they have one available, because I'm getting more and more obsessed by the minute to find one.
    I'm actually surprised at myself for getting so frustrated. :shame:

    Anyway, thanks for 'listening' to my rant, I just had to get it of my chest. I feel a lot better now......:cool:
  2. :yes: I can totally understand. I feel like my life has changed after I started my Chanel collection. I seriously need to move some of my attention to other part of my life.
  3. I hope the Rue Cambon store can locate one for you! good luck!
  4. LOL! I love the Cerf tote. It's the best bag. So chic and subtle. The leather is TDF! Don't worry, you'll find one! I've been looking for a red jumbo and no luck so I know how you feel. :'(
  5. That's exactly my problem, but with the large leather Cabas. It's coming out again in the fall... can't I just get it now...

    I love that you called Rue Cambon!
  6. Good luck, I truly hope they can find your bag for you!
  7. My fingers are crossed for you. I always imagine that Rue Cambon has magical powers... :biggrin:
  8. good luck! just think how happy you will be when your obsession pays off and you at last get satisfaction!
  9. Wanting is much worse than needing...I understand the WANT IT NOW!!!:hysteric:hehehe.

    Good luck!!;)
  10. Good luck! I hope you find one very soon!!
  11. Crossing my fingers for you Nathalie.
  12. hope you can find your bag nathalie - you deserve it!:smile:
  13. good luck Nathalie!!!
    Update us when you can!
  14. Aaawww...good luck with your search!!!!!! Let us know how it goes!!
  15. Good luck and keep us posted.

    Does anyone know if they have them readily available in the US? :confused1: