talk about a good deal on a prada!!

  1. surfing and came on this cute little prada bag with leather was on sale!!!! YAY!

    Prada - Nylon and Leather Hobo -

    after using the 10% off code, it came out to be $315.00 including tax and dreaded $14.00 s&h

    Hopefully I like it when it comes!
  2. It's gone..
  3. ya, I bought it :smile:
  4. Holy cow! What a bargain! I have to start surfing again..but that ALWAYS gets me in trouble! Congrats! Post pics when you get it!!! :heart: Emmy
  5. ...and if you don't like it let me know. I'll buy it from you. Just missed out on one that was returned to the Troy, MI store. Very hot to find this bag at a steal.
  6. ^if I end up taking it back to the store, ill have the SA hold it for you. But, Ill keep you posted!

    you can always try calling the Saks customer service number and have them do a store inventory search. Alot of the times, you would be surprised as to whats lying around still.
  7. Hey thanks! That would be awesome. Let me know if you end up with the bag....they claim there isn't any around but I have my fingeres crossed.