talk about a change of heart!


back from a hiatus!
Aug 26, 2009
so i went to a huge get-together a car club of mine had at this bar/restaurant. as i was standing under the awning on the way out waiting to be picked up at the door, because it was pooring out, a drunk girl stumbles by me with a speedy.

now i have never given a speedy a second look, and even kinda refused to own one (popularity i guess). but this was the first time i saw one in person, and it was love at first sight.

now i'm gagah about it and cant stop looking at pictures of it.

i wanted a delightful but now i know if i place an order i'm gonna get both. (which is ok lol).

i measured against a coach sabrina i have to get an idea of size and i think i want a 30. the 25 is too small and for twenty dollars more i can get the 30.

i love shoulder slouchy bags, which makes this speedy an out of the ordinary piece for me.

any thoughts?
I'm kind of in the same boat...just got my first LV a few weeks ago. I got the Delightful PM, which I love!!! Started using it this week :smile: I was torn between the Delightful and Monty, but the Delightful is more comfortable and bigger so it won out! I've never had a hand carry bag, but I'm loving the Speedy 30...perhaps for my birthday (but that's so far away!!!)
That's the thing about speedy's! I don't really like hand held bags and I can't tell you anything about the speedy that I particularly like but there's just something about it! I LOVE mine! and thinking a need a few more
Well, love at first sight may or may not stand the test of time. I'd say, wait for a while and see it more times, and see how you feel about it. Also, looking good as an item doesn't have to be the same as looking good with you, so at least try it on once.
I love it on others but could not yet get it for myself mainly due to it being handheld. Now w speedyB i feel like i should get it but just didn't love it enough to take the plunge.
Have you considered the speedy b 30? That way you have a shoulder bag AND a speedy all in one?

well thats why i liked the speedy.
it was different.

my sabrina is a hand held bag, and i love it but its very floppy. it has no shape. when you put it down it melts into a lump of sateen cloth. the speedy is extremely structured. thats what i liked about it.
You can't go wrong with a speedy 30. I used to think it was too big and went for 25 instead. After some time I gravitated more and more towards the 30. It's just more practical and looks more versatile. I ended up selling my 25.