talk about a buzz kill!!!!

  1. ugh, lately i have been feeling down in the dumps -- i try to treat everyone-including strangers- the way i'd like to be treated or spoken too...
    BUT my SIL is being such a ##&%.. and i worked for a daycare for 2 weeks (HATED IT!) and the "lady" is REFUSING to pay me!! she owes me $200 frickin dollars! she was supposed to pay me on the 14th of december!!! my boys 2nd birthday is coming up & I was working to pay for his party & I have to go through the court system to get that & who knows how long that'll take.
    my sister in law, on the other hand has chosen to be a total child to me about household chores. (my husband & i are staying with his dad & so is she, along with her 2 kids).. she left me a little nasty gram about "cleaning out the fridge *&#ch" --only i told her my hubby & i cannot afford to feed her & her kids!!! if she eats the food we buy, please replace it when she gets groceris...
    and to top it all off : people have also been trying to run me off the road as i try to get onto the highway!!!! my car overheated today & had to be towed back to my house.... a truck full of older men pulled up next to me motioning (they only spoke spanish) if i needed help & i had to tell them no three times & they hung out for like 5 minutes!!! i was a little scared after that & i called the cops & one was there within 5 minutes... whew!!!

    i hope my outlook changes quick so I can enjoy my new purchases... this whole week has been such a COACH BUZZKILL!!! please rave about my goodies so I can get back in a good mood...TIA

    got this for 87.99!

    and this for 31.99!! but in teal/brass
  2. Sorry to hear about your problems. BUT man you got an amazing deal on the bleeker!:yahoo:
  3. yuck! Sorry about your bad day! I am glad that nothing went too far with those men!! On the plus side, your bags are AWESOME! And what deals!!!! Congrats!! :tup:
  4. thanks -- i'm glad i made the trip up there after all!! the bleecker was my first choice, but i put it back when i saw the less expensive swinpack... I LOVE LOVE LOVE It!!! plus, it came with the new dustbag!
  5. Bad day? What bad day? You can't the words bad day and Coach in the same sentence! If there is Coach in your life then it is a happy life. hehe I love your new bag and the teal patent wristlet is TDF.
  6. Oh I am so sorry to hear all the crap that has been going on. But you did get an amazing deal on those bags, so enjoy them and try to forget about the rest! Enjoy your new goodies.
  7. sending good vibes your way. love your new goodies. i have that wristlet in teal!
  8. I LOVE your new Coach goodies! I'm so sorry about the bad stuff going on...especially your SIL's behavior. It's bad enough having a "roommate" acting that way, let alone a relative by marriage!

    BTW, where did you get such great deals?!
  9. Awesome bags and great deal. Hope your home situation gets better soon. It annoys me when people have to be concerned with what other people should be doing. Just nod and smile, that seems to be effective ! sounds like she is looking for a reaction so just don't give it to her. That is a lesson that has taken me a while to learn.
  10. It looks like a good day with that chocolate...adorable purse and love the wristlet....what a steal!
  11. Every bad day needs chocolate! And wow, did you get a fabulous price!! I hope you feel better and you are able to enjoy your gorgeous new Coach!
  12. you got great deals on some wonderful things....
    cheer up...
  13. Here's more good vibes your way!!
    I do love your new purchases! Won't you mind telling me where you get 'em,,?,, that's like half off of the retail price?! talking about great deal! :smile:
  14. I'm so sorry to hear about all the bad stuff you have had to deal with lately, especially the way your SIL is acting. (((HUGS)))

    I hope the Beautiful Coach you got will help make you feel better. They were magnificent deals!
  15. I hope things start to look up for you and your family, as you try to prepare for your Son's BD. Enjoy your beautiful COACH purchases, you've made great selections!