Talika Lash Extender?

  1. Hi Everyone,
    My upper lasher are long, but the lowers are sparse and short :confused1: They also seem to fall out and break off easily. Anyone out there ever use Talika Lash extender?
  2. I have! It works, but be careful, it is extremely irritating if some falls into your eye. As far as their lipocils, I don't think it works at all. Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks for the insight!
  4. I admit I bought both products. You're supposed to use the lipocils like twice a day non stop for 28 days or something like that. I lack discipline, so there are some days when I remember to wear it, and some when I dont. Lemme see if I can use it more often like the instructions said. I'll report back if it works.
  5. It does help a bit, the volume is more noticible than length. My friends told me her lashs fall off more often after she stop using it, but i guess it really varies from person to person.
  6. You need to use the Talika Eyelash conditioning creme. It comes in a little tub, it's a really tiny tub but you only need a little bit. It's much stronger than Lipocils although that works too.. I have very long eyelash but I use the Lipcoils as a conditioner on days I want to give my lashes a break from my mascara.
  7. So can you replace Lipocils with Talika Eyelash conditioning creme instead?
  8. Has anyone tried it? Thoughts? Opinions? TIA :heart:
  9. I used this for 6 months everyday, nothing...zip...nada.
  10. I don't really like it. It tend to fall off on to my face during the day which makes me look like I just shaved :push:

    I prefer Shu Uemura false lashes. They stay in place beautifully. But they are quite difficult to put on. You'll need a while to perfect the skill :yes:
  11. They made my eyelashes look more clumpy than anything else, not a real fan.
  12. Thanks for the replies ladies! I guess I'll be saving my money for something else!

    Rileygirl- your babies are sooooooo cute!!! :love:
  13. Revitalash is too expensive for me to test (about £75) and they won't ship to the UK.

    But has anyone tried Talika? how long before do you actually see any effect?
  14. No, but I hear that there is a new product that may come out within the next year that will actually thicken and lengthen your own lashes. It has to do with glaucoma eye drops. Seems like they've discovered that people with glaucoma who have used special drops have developed long and thick eyelashes.....sort of like Rogaine......so, we shall see. When that comes out, I'll be the first in line to buy it!