Tales of Revenge mwuahahahaha!

  1. Hi ladies!

    I've been doing a little research recently for a book I am writing. part of that research is for tales of revenge. I just wondered if you girls had any fabulous experiences of your own that you wouldn't mind sharing? It can be about anything, revenge on a cheating OH, on agirlfriend who copies your style & purchases, on a noisy neighbour, an evil boss.. anything!

    some of the more widely known I've come across of course are the laxitives in the coffee, sewing frozen prawns into the lining of curtains of your exboyfriends flat (so they defrost, rot & stink the place to high heaven but he can't work out where the stench is coming from!) going into someones flat while they're on holiday, scattering grass seed on their carpet, atering it, then turing the heating up to full & leavign it on so when they get back they have a lawn on their carpet! Things like that!

    I'd really like to include some of the examples you give me in my book, but if you're rather I didn't (of course, no real-names will be mentioned, its a novel so my characters already have names!) just let me know!

    I'll start you off with a true story of revenge that my best friend extracted on her violent boyfriend.....

    They had been going out for a while & they both have very firey tempers. After a particularly nast row, she wanted revenge.....

    She was roasting a chicken for their dinner & he left the house for a while, as it was cooking, so she went to the bathroom & wee-ed into a cup them came back to the kitchen & spent the next two hours lovingly basting he chicken with her 'special basting fluid' every few minutes. :biggrin:

    Needless to say, she passed on dinner that night.:graucho: :lol:
  2. ^OMG thats so sick, i probly have so evil revenge thign i have done i just need to think of it (i have a horroable memory lol) .....hmmmm
  3. thanks NM!:biggrin: Any stories would be great!

    BTW don't feel sorry for him ~ he broke her jaw!