Tales From The Crypt

  1. Hello I am new hear, Please forgive me if a thread as already been done

    Here we go.....

    I am 22(well will be on Jan 23rd) And I graduate from college in august so I thought it would only be proper if I left my debutante days behind and step into the stilettos of a high society Aristocrat. So I decided the perfect item to help with this transition would be none other than a HERMES BIRKIN.

    There is no Birkin store hear so I looked around on eBay and searched the web. I am still a college student so I didn't want to spend to much I had a budget of $7000. My mom persistantly told me to wait until I graduated and she would do the honors of taking me to the Hermes store and getting me MY 1st birkin, but of course I HAD TO HAVE IT NOW.

    I searched a site and it had a used (2004) Hermes Birkin 35cm brown with gold hardware. It looked like the authenitc bags and company website was very classy so I said ok, this is the one i will choose with next day delivery I paid a total of $6857.55
    Just right under my budget

    When the shipment arrive i was full of joy and couldn't believe I WAS getting my 1st birkin

    I open the box, and pulled back the tissue paper, and untied the dust cover and Out Poped the scent of a cheap leather factory. I am not very familar with birkins, As I started to look over the bag the more i felt uncomfortable with it. I called the seller at 1.877.716.6641, they sent me an email saying the bag was guaranteed authentic and that it had been authenticated by there local hermes boutique. I called my mother and she asked me to send her a pic( she was very upset), I emailed her the 1st pic, and told her I would take the rest later. she emailed me back instantly saying there is NO NEED TO EMAIL ANYMORE THIS IS A FAKE:cursing: I stopped and grasped for air, and with a rage of anger I emailed the seller, she said for me not to rely on an advant hermes collector (My Mom) and that I must take it to Hermes to get it verified. I told my mother she advise me not to do this because the Hermes boutique (Atlanta is the closet one to me) does not know me, I have never bought from them and that they might very well take it and destroy it.

    I sent it to my mother and she looked it over and SAID IT WAS FAKE FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!! so ok moms says it is fake! LET ME DO THE UNTHINKABLE

    I took it to atlanta, I walked in and i put "the bag" on the counter, the SA immediately looked at me without me asking her anything she said "NO SERVICES CAN BE DONE ON THAT BAG" and can you please remove it off the counter!:sad: :sad: :sad:

    I said Thankyou, she gave me a "look":wtf: and said I Can't believe it, how much did you pay i said about 6800.00, she shook her head and I thanked her again and left in SHAME, as I put the birkin into a grocery bag.

    :sad: :sad: I am so upset! words cannot explain my

    Newcommers please look on this site and ask questions before purchasing a birkin!

    I was misled by this company

    WWW.HERMESGALLERIA.COM aka sacexotique.com AKA haleyscouture.com



    Now PLEASE excuse me while I go burry my birkin:hysteric:

    If any others have horror stories please post, I would like to know what measures to take to protect myself from scammers!!!!!

    Although hermesgalleria sold me a fake, they managed to give me a real BOX? my mom compared her boxes and said they seem to be real! So I guess if you want to pay $,$$$$ for a real hermes box than you should visit them.

    Ok I am gone for good now, I have a grave to Dig!
  2. Oh, I am so sorry....
  3. OMG ... I'm so sorry to hear this. I've heard horror stories about this seller :push: I think tresormakati's friend has fallen victim to the same person as well
  4. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
    How horrible!!! I am SO sorry this happened to you!!
  5. ugh!! so sorry about this!!! :sad:
  6. Oh my, this is so terrible, I am so sorry, can you send it back to her for a refund?? My SA also told me about horror stories where ladies bring in their "auth" bags and to find out they are fake. :shocked: :wtf:
  7. Sorry to hear! YES, she is one of the infamous eBay fake sellers! But the good thing is that you have found tpf and we can help u out in identifying an authentic bag next time you want to buy again, IF you ever want to buy from a reseller. There are plenty of reputable ones that don't sell fakes. SOOO sorry again!!!
  8. OMG! I am so sorry! Is there any way you can get a refund?
  9. OH NO!! that is terrible!!! yea, this seller has been known for fraud. so sorry about ur ordeal.
  10. ugh, there's got to be a way that your credit card can stop payment! it's fraud, pure and simple. i'm sorry that you were taken advantage of! :sad: :sad:
  11. YES, pigleto is right!! You can do a fraud report w/ ur CC or do a stop payment w/ ur bank!!! ALSO report her to eBay!!
  12. I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. Call your credit company immediately, maybe they can do something about it.
  13. ESPECIALLY since it's guaranteed authentic. you took it to hermes and they said they couldn't do services on the bag...you should get your money back!
  14. I am so sorry for you. When did you start looking at TPF Hermes Thread? We have had numerous postings about this crook Hermes Galleria and I so wish you had seen them. Try to chalk this up to life experience. Your Mom will still probably take you to the boutique after you graduate. Best of luck trying to get your money back. All my good thoughts and best wishes are being sent your way.
  15. I hate to say this, but eBay doesn't care. That other crook Monaco Babe is still selling Chanel under one of her aliases. I am convinced they know full well who the scammers are in the luxury goods area and are too greedy for the listings to stop them. If they got rid of the scammers, who would be left?