Talene Reilly

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  1. [​IMG]

    I would use this 4 school
  2. Very nice .. some really cool prints

    the following are getting a lot of press in the U.K. I am not
    too impressed with their styles though ..


  3. I like the cholet
  4. Not really feeling the one pictured, but it would be cute for school like you said.
  5. It looks quite school marmish - but then it again it is very hard finding a good bag that can carry schoolbooks and withstand being carted around all day.

    If I had to pick a back to school bag I'd pick this one by Sondra Roberts:
    It's pretty big at 18" wide x 13" high x 4.5" deep.
  6. The Knomo bags are well made I hear- but they look practical and rugged, not really chic or feminine IMO
  7. I don't really dig this one. Maybe depends on a person's mood? :biggrin: