Tale of Two Olivias

  1. I first bought the White w/Tan and then a great SA found me Blue Jean. The trouble is that now I'm having trouble letting White w/Tan go (even though she is totally impractical for a mom of a toddler). Here are my modeling pics since I did not find a thread for Olivia pics...and if there is one, please let me know. Thanks :p

  2. They are both just gorgeous. I love the blue jean, but the white with tan is such a pretty combo - I am no help!

    I think the blue jean is actually my favorite of the two by a (very) small margin.
  3. Yeah, that white is HOT! The blue is pretty awesome too! Are you going to keep both, or nah?
  4. I love both on you! I never really liked the white with brown trim, but it looks gorgeous on you! As impractical as it is, it just looks stunning. If I had to choose, I'd go for blue jean since it is a more practical color, and I love that color combo.
  5. I'm not a fan of white bags, but I love the blue jean!
  6. I prefer the blue. Even though the white looks pretty in your pic, this is a large bag and I think in white it would look even larger. And get trashed really quickly.
  7. If you HAVE to choose, I like the blue better. Of course, you could always do what I do..."accidentally" take too long in deciding and "forget" to return one before the time limit and be "forced" to keep both.
  8. Choose the one that makes you swoon!
  9. This is a tough one! The white makes me giddy like a school girl but, it will be impossible to keep clean (especially with my bagcurious toddler). And the blue jean is gorgeous and practical, but it just does not have the POW effect of a big white cloud of leathery love. :heart: So sad I can't keep both. Well, I guess I could if I sold something else...that is something to think about. But then there is the issue of how often would I *really* wear the white? Are there any white bag owners reading this post that can chime in?
  10. I have several white bags and I wear them all the time, year round, and they go with everything (it looks great with the outfit you're wearing in your pic!). But, I don't have kids, so I don't know how practical it would be for a mom. However, I'd imagine if you spray it with stain protector it shouldn't be too hard to clean?
  11. I have a cream colored bag and I carry her year round, probably shouldn't but I do!
  12. Thanks for chiming in! This will be my first white bag, if I keep it. I definitely think I need a wee bit longer to decide. Luckily, it is from the Nordstrom sale so I'm not too stressed about returning it after a period of thorough discussion and deliberation :tup:
  13. Too hard to choose since both of them are so gorgeous. If you can only keep one, I would say to keep the blue jean since white is so hard to maintain.
  14. I bet your bag is pretty. :yes: I do like Cream for a leather bag. This Olivia is pretty much straight-up White - like a marshmallow.
  15. They are both great. Since you have a toddler though, the white will tend to get a little dirtier. Can you reason having both??? I actually prefer the white a tiny bit more than the blue.