Tale of Two Chloe's

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If Two Chloe's, Which?

  1. Black Paraty and Nutmeg Paraty

  2. Black Paraty and Moka Marcie

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. After a two year no-bag-purchases drought, I am debating getting two Chloe's. Nope, didn't win the lottery but I do have a discount code and while I definitely want one Chloe, I'm wondering if I should consider two since the two bags I want likely won't go on sale. I'm debating a Black Paraty and either a Nutmeg Paraty or a Moka Marcie. I love the Paraty and black will get a ton of use but I also want a brown color and Nut is not available.

    If I get two Paratys, is that boring (or insane)? Do the Marcie owners like their Marcies more than Paraty? I don't want to order the wrong one because it will be a long time before I get another bag, longer still if I get two.

    No one responded to the iPad question but I think the iPad will fit in the Medium Paraty, if snugly. With the Marcie it would be no problem. But the edges on the Marcie seem like they could get floopy over time. Which makes me go back to Paraty, because it looks like a really stable bag and when I tried it on a year ago, it looked great on. Thoughts?:thinking:
  2. I have both and love both...Not sure what to say besides the fact that you should get both..
  3. i like 1 of each! though prefer paraty in nutmeg coz that's the 1 i'm lusting for right now :P... regarding ipad, i think it'll fit, but i wouldn't bring it often unless you're fine w/ a saggy base. i regret doing it w/ my chanel jumbo w/o a base shaper :Push:
  4. purse-nality, really? It made the bag saggy? That is really good to know, do you think it would do it to the Marcie too? I wouldn't take it often but it it would wreck the bag I wouldn't put it in the bag at all. Yikes.
  5. ^yes, on my chanel. don't have a paraty yet, but i'm afraid it might. basically, after the jumbo experience, i learned not to ever try it w/ structured bags. on the other hand, i think it will work better w/ a marcie since, to me, its designed as a semi-slouchy bag. maybe, again, just not too often as it might stretch out the horseshoe shape...

    anyway, hope an experienced chloe owner could enlighten us :smile:
  6. I have a chocolate paraty and a Jesscia Abla color Marcie. I looooove the Marcie, I love it much much more than paraty. Paraty is a bit too heavy and hard. Marice on the other hand is soft and feminine
  7. paraty and marcie =)
  8. I am leaning toward the Paraty and Marcie now. As much as I like the Paraty, it might be less exciting to have two and still long for the Marcie and it could be another two years :smile:

    Ajiu81 I'm surprised how much more you like the Marcie, good to know!
  9. i voted two paraty s! cause im really liking them atm (i dont have one ) but if u love the style why not have 2 !!
  10. Boy, this is a really tough one. I own and LOVE both styles but the Paraty is my all time favorite. As you can see, Nutmeg is on my wishlist so if you definitely want a black Paraty, I think I'd might got with Nutmeg. What about Nutmet paraty and black Marcie? btw, what size marcie are you considering? But if you don't have either styles, then maybe I'd go for two different ones since you won't be buying anything else for a while.

    Just so you know, both styles are unstructured on the bottom, which I love and prefer. The iPad seem pretty light, certainly lighter than my netbook, so I don't think it won't make the bag sag much at all. Keep us posted!
  11. Ditto. Although...if I had to choose between Paraty and Marcie, I would always vote Paraty over Marcie. So if you LOVE Paraty, there is nothing wrong with getting it in more than one color...which I am guilty of....:graucho:....it's such the perfect bag IMO!
  12. Thanks for everyone's comments! You really have to appreciate how much people like the Paraty that several people voted for two of them! :smile:
  13. #13 Oct 7, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
    So I ordered the Moka Marcie and the Black Paraty. I ordered the Large Moka Marcie. It's really Large. Not sure this looks good on me. The Paraty, I absolutely love. Now I'm debating exchanging the Marcie for a Nutmeg or Nut Paraty. I like both colors, but wonder if Nut isn't a more year round color?
  14. Have you considered opting for the medium Marcie?? I ordered the large and although I'm not petite, I'm 5'9", it was larger than I needed. I tried the medium in Honey, which was the perfect size, but really didn't care for the color, so I'm still searching for the perfect Marcie for me. I just ordered the cocoa large hobo, love the color, love the leather, but not crazy about how the bag hangs, it seems to want to tilt--maybe with time it will soften out and hang better, so not sure about this one either.

    In a nutshell, if you like the Marcie, then I would opt for a different size, either small or medium. If you like the Paraty better, then go for another Paraty in a color you love.:smile:
  15. #15 Oct 7, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2010
    llson, I have considered the Medium Marcie, that's why I was wondering about the color of Jessica Alba's. I like the lighter brown that still has some warmth to it but the Whiskey I see in the store seems "redder" than the one she's carrying. I don't doubt it's the same bag as so many confirmed but I wish there was a lighter brown that was not so very red. The Moka seems really dark to me but I'm still deciding.

    As for size, the Large is so large that I feel like it impacts the style a little bit. It's very practical, but I'm just not sure. It's the same as the Large Paraty IMO, the larger size tends to stretch out the style - if that makes any sense. So that's where I'm at. I have the Large Marcie but I'm not carrying it. I stuffed it (it arrived with no stuffing?!) from some stuffing from my other bags and put it in my closet while I decide. :smile:

    I also love the Marcie with the long strap. That is hugely practical, like the Miu Miu Coffer which can be worn crossbody to leave your hands totally free and still is fairly flat to your body. I tons of use out of bags like that. But NAP's is Whiskey, which still seems redder to me - I would like it to be a little more Chestnut.