Tale of Two Black Bags, Help Pick

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Which one?!?

  1. Leather Pinnacle Flap

  2. Signature Cooper

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  1. Okay soooo I ordered the Cooper bag and then this weekend while out shopping ran into the Madison Pinnacle bag. I just received an unboxed cooper, I ordered the matching wallet which Coach sent me a black and white one instead (wrong color) so I need to exchange the wallet. I thought I had my mind made up between these two, but I love them both for different reasons. Help me pick please.

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  2. Hmmm....I love the shape of the Cooper, but I looooove loooove the Madison....it's so elegant.....tough choice! Do you have one that you have more of a "gut feeling" towards?
  3. Well I was all over the Madison leather bag when I seen it...but I just got a riley leather bag (in brown) so I am debating if I want something signature now. I too, love the shape of the cooper and this color combo was totally out in my store. I like this color combo. I am really torn.
  4. Pinnacle Flap!!!
    I absolutely fell in love with it as soon as i saw it on the website. Its so gorgeous!~~ :love:
    I have the madison flap in black that is similar and i adore it so much, it goes with everything and its the perfect size.
  5. Wanted to add that you've reminded me that i should have the pinnacle flap on my wishlist. Off to check out what colors are available. :smile:
  6. They are pretty different. I guess it depends on how you will use it. The Madison Flap is very pretty - but do you need a shoulder strap? If not I would go with the Madison Flap. I LOVE all leather handbags!
  7. The madison flap!!! :smile:
  8. They are so different! The pinnacle flap is gorgeous. It is also more elegant and more dressy. The Cooper is more casual and looks more everyday.
  9. The flap!!!!! Yes!!
  10. I decided on the flap! Thank you all for your opinions!
  11. I would pick the flap. :biggrin:
  12. I like the the cooper..,but in leather...the flap is too dressy for my lifestyle but is gorge! Good choice if u will use it a lot!
  13. I just voted for the Pinnacle Flap. Such a lovely bag. Good luck with your decision.