Tale of a SAD REVEAL

  1. Nah it's just that the bags are made by people who are humans like us and that's assuring in a way, but you're definitely right for the money send it back you deserve a perfect well pattern made Chanel handbag, I mean if it's new it should look new and not worn previously with bad diamond stitching
  2. Thanks! I know, it is such a gorgeous RED! And I'm not a red person, never have been. Never even thought of getting a red bag before, even though I had seen the 5A, the 10C reds, etc. Those were beautiful, but it was either too bright for my taste or too pink or orange, etc.

    This one is PERFECT. The color, that is. ;)
  3. Queenbee11, this red is so beautiful but sorry to hear that you have to exchange. You mentioned that your SA said that the jumbos and mediums are made in Italy...is your 12A red jumbo made in Italy? My medium 12A red is made in France... Just an observation.

    Hope you get a pristine red jumbo soooon! The color is so yummy!
  4. :tup:
  5. Thank you everyone, it's nice to hear from people who understand and from some of you who actually have experience with imperfect bags in your past.

    AGREE -- I love love love the color! Now I totally see how Pursebop went on and on about her reds! :p

    Thanks Goldie, good advice. I will definitely have SA inspect the replacement bag (and any other one I buy from now on). Just hope she can find this 12A Red Jumbo.

    What I don't understand is, yes these bags are made by humans, and humans are prong to errors. BUT, Chanel does not have a QA process to check these and send these types of bags to Outlet or whatever, and ONLY send to stores the ones that meet QA criteria???

    I'm going to have to get a new one, because there was no way I could keep this. Like you, it would bug me to no end. I still have not opened to peek inside the bag.

    Hahaha, thsi is funny in a way.

    Canneiv, I remember seeing her thread about the scratch-thing and I recall replying that you should return it. That scratch/strain of yours was quite obvious, just like these defects on my bag. Glad to see you are getting a replacement as well.

    I got this through Saks. SA was very nice and able to track down the coveted 12A red....perhaps some other SA had this red and did inspect and when my SA called inquiring, that SA probably said - go ahead you can have it, since if she/he were smart, they would know no reasonable woman would keep such a defective bag.

    Congrats on getting your perfect replacement! So happy for you. Your original thread (the 12A reissue) that got me going down the red trail...then others started posting the same and I knew I wanted one for sure! :biggrin:

    I smile whenever I see your mod pics with the beautiful red m/l and that pretty lace top of yours.

    You know, now that you've said it....that's true. It should NOT happen even with a $500 bag, much less this crazy expensive one.
  6. Omg LOL I just read ur line, a snake will jump out lol omg I was laughing so hard my hubby thinks I'm really going crazy over Chanel lol , I also like this red u should def return it and get a new one.
  7. When I saw this thread, I got so scared. I have to run over to my new bags and see if there is any imperfections or crease or dents.
    Your very lucky that you can get it exchanged or available replacement for you. There were some color classics are hard to replace such as patent red or patent lavender. I had been going through the authentic finds thread, I didn't see any posts of patent red or lavender available. I was lucky enough to get a perfect bag.
    I felt bad when I read your thread. It breaks our heart. Is not 500 dollars bag but is over 5k bag. Even if a bag cost 100$, I will complain if I see flaws.
    I am happy for you that you can get the "bad" bag replaced and hope you won't see it ever again haha.
    I hope they can do something about the bag and at least try to fix it and give a spa before next person gets it.

    Just be happy. You will have a new bag replaced. Don't Let this upset you ever again.

    I really want to thank you for creating this thread. When I open my packages and play around the bags, I didn't observe The whole bag. I play around with it and then put it back in the box. Your lesson or your thread took me half of the day today to make sure no flaws and I clean it before I put it back in the box. I trust the shops too much. Since I'm paying so much money for it, I am expecting to get a perfect bag and I didn't check it at all.
    Now this lesson got me scared to order classics over the phone. Shipping and the waiting is a torture for me. I can't imagine getting a messed up bag and then you have to ship it back to them. I hated all this trouble.
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    I am doubting the quality of Chanel recently. I just saw 2 brand new jumbo red caviar bags with obvious creases as OP's bag but even worst. Thats why I don't like the soft caviar.

    First bag


    Second bag


    Third bag with crease on the back

  9. Even the creases would be hard to live with, you're buying brand new, not "like new" from eBay or something!! I wish they would up their quality, i really do favor chanel the most in terms of design otherwise :sad:(
  10. 👎 return. That would drive me insane. I'm sure you'll find a perfect one somewhere! 👜
  11. You are right to change it.

    I guess this is maybe a display bag. Cause the back crease may be resulted by long time opening position. On displays, i often saw opened bag with small leather goods and CJs in it, for decoration.
    I'm always wondered how they sell those display stuffs, with scratches and creases?
    I've never heard CFs on sale, so would they distroy the défectives or continue to sell them In hopping that the consumers wont notice the défauts ?!
    The l'astre option would be very unprofessional !
  12. This is terrible! I double checked my red baby and so far so good, whew....
  13. In France those go on sale at the private sales.
  14. very beautiful, the color is very pretty. Congrats.
  15. :biggrin:jaffe I am so sorry this happened.....I look forward to your REVISED REVEAL! Just sit tight!