Tale of a SAD REVEAL


May 16, 2012
I was out this evening and did not get home until 10pm. Tired and wanting to go to bed, but of course there a package waiting to be opened.

There was a little box and a big box. The third mid-size box is actually from a separate shipment yesterday. I will do a separate reveal on that one as it was perfect.


First to be opened was the little box. Love the red caviar CC zippy wallet! :heart:



Then came the Big box - my heart was thumping at this point...


May 16, 2012
I couldn't believe my luck, at how quickly I was able to find this coveted 12A Red after seeing ******** and Peonies and other's 12A red flaps and falling in love with the color and the iridescent caviar, which I love by the way.

That excitement quickly subsided as I started to take close-up pics to share in my reveal and noticed:

Issue 1: Folds/creases/indentations on the flap on the right above the CC logo.



:cry: :sad: :crybaby:

Deflated, I then inspected the left side of the front and found:

Issue 2: Folds/creases (smaller than the right side) on the left side of the flap above the CC logo



May 16, 2012
At this point, I didn't even open the CC clasp and look inside. I simply turn the bag around to check the back side. Sure enough, I found:

Issue 3: White thread in with the red thread on the top left of the back right below the chain strap. It is noticeable in this pic, and it STANDS OUT irl as it's white on red.


I'm starting to get angry and sick to my stomach now... :cursing: :mad: :sick:

Then I went to take a pic of the right side, so I can email comparison pics to my SA. The right side, the thread is red as it should be. However....

Issue 4: look at the back pocket and the stitching is awfully mis-aligned. It's not even close!


So I have counted FOUR (4!!!!!!) defects in a $4900 supposed-brand-new-from-factory bag. And I have NOT EVEN opened up the bag to look inside. I'm afraid to even do so....afraid there could be a snake that jumps out at me or something akin to that.

Anyway, this is how I feel right now. I should go to bed and try to get some peace. Maybe I'll feel a little better in the morning.

:wtf: :confused1: :storm: :Pullhair: :sick: :throwup: :pout:
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Feb 18, 2009
Call up the SA immediately when you can and tell him/her you got a defective bag and state the defects. I'm sorry this happened to you. It sucks especially when you spend a lot of money. You definitely should get a crease-free bag and match color stitch to the bag color! Good luck and let us know.

Samantha S

Mar 26, 2012
Let your SA know about the defects of the bag. Get her to make an exchange for you. I am sorry that you got a defective one. The crease and fold on the bag is so obvious and the white thread is simply unacceptable. Good luck!


May 12, 2012
To be honest i looked at mine and i must say that the back pocket's stitching is the same as yours, now the stitching on the back is the same colour and the creases the chances are it's been opened and closed a few times in the store by clients and it will ALSO appear when you start using your chanel :sad:

In any case I could understand your frustration and you should get in touch with her to know if you can get a totally brand new, never been handled one.
Especially at THAT price.


Im in <3 with Chanel
Jun 29, 2011
Omg. You are so observant.
Now I have to check my new bag as well. I wouldnt notice the crease or deflate area.

Let us know what your going to do next and whats the solution


Oct 13, 2011
OMG this is horrible!! So sorry about your experience! I do see Issues #1,2 and 4. Can't quite see Issue #3 - maybe its hard to capture on the camera. Is it a white thread on the red or something white on the leather? When I first received my red jumbo, I noticed something white on the cc logo flap area. I thought it was a scratch, but it rubbed off after I tried to wipe it gently.

But to me, the back pocket is just not acceptable. Hopefully you can call your SA to get you a brand new one. Is yours Made in France or Italy? Mine is Italty. Always prefer a classic from France but its not a deal breaker for me.

Keep us posted what you are going to do.

UPDATE: I immediately went back to check my red jumbo and the line doesn't align for me too, in the front flap! The black pocket is fine though. Oh this is bad! I can't believe the quality of chanel is so bad!!! I checked my 2 other jumbo (both made in France) and they are both fine. Oh now it's bothering me alot now that I see the lines do not align. I need to call the SA now. I don't even know if I can find a replacement at this point. Sad :sad:

Update: just called my SA and she said she can get me a new one. She is goin to examine herself first and send it to me. Crossing my fingers... She said all the M/L and jumbos they recevied are made in Italy so i wonder id the whole batch has problems?!! Hopefully not. I am still disappointed about the quality of Chanel these days.


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