Taking yourself off the BalNY wait list

  1. Is anyone else going to? :confused1:

    I've been on two BalNY waitlists in the past, and both times I pulled myself off at the last minute due to various circumstances. Well, it turns out I might have to do it again. :sad: I'm on the wait list for a violet Work and a yellow Twiggy.

    DH quit his job last week, so we're losing his income. His timing was exquisite...of course he just HAD to quit a couple weeks before the earliest ship date for f/w collection colors! :rolleyes: I kid, I kid! I fully support his decision, but it means that buying new bags right now would be foolish. I've already had my little pity-fest so I'm OK with it (there's always eBay later down the line), but I feel silly for taking myself off Daphne's list...again, for the 3rd time! She must think I'm a total flake! I know I know, I shouldn't let that bother me because I'm doing the right thing, but still, I don't like people thinking I'm wishy-washy! I'm also worried that it may mean diminished customer service in the future.

    Anyway, thanks for listening to me rant. Someone please tell me it's OK to take myself off the list for the umpteenth time! I do feel bummed because I've been looking forward to these two hot colors for the longest time, and I was first in line for BOTH bags! I know I'm doing the right thing, but....sniff. :sad:
  2. Your doing the right thing, trust me, he'll be back working in no time and you'll be able to indulge in the addiction once again! ;)
  3. It'll all work out in the end, best of luck with everything!
  4. There is only one DH, but there are so many BBags in the store. You absolutely made the right decision. Even you miss one right now, there will be better ones down the line. Good luck to your husband!
  5. Keep positive thoughts in mind... You did the right thing, & like what everyone else has said.. there will always be more bBags... you may even like a color better in the coming seasons. Everything will be A-OkAY~!! :okay:

  6. I couldn't agree any more! There will ALWAYS be more and better bags in the future. Right now, your family is a priority. And once you are ready to splurge, your BBags will be better than ever waiting for you! :graucho:
  7. You are doing the right thing, although it may be tough right now. There will always be ups and downs, things will get better, and there is still much more bags it future.
  8. I am very sorry for what happened. I agree that there will always be Bbags down the road but I think your hudband will need you the most at these time and don't you worry, I am sure your husband will find a new great job soon :love: we don't know what the future hold and suddenly you will find yourself with more bbags :graucho: We are here to support you :yes:
  9. Family first. Bags should be waaaay down on the priority list. And I'm pretty sure Balny SA's could care less. I dont think they lack for customers. Everything happens for a reason. Good luck to you and your family! It will all work out!:heart:
  10. You all are so sweet. Thanks so much for the support. :p I feel silly for worrying about what Daphne will think, but there is a little part of me that believes in karma and thinks I may be paid back with less-than-stellar service in the future!

    Well, I have no problem prioritizing my family waaay over B-bags....that comes naturally and goes without saying.:p But I'm not perfect and it's nice to indulge my superficial side a teeny bit and have a little pity party for The Bags That Got Away!

    I know that everything will turn out for the better. Thanks for commiserating, guys! :yes:
  11. sorry to hear that but I think you did the right thing... I wouldnt think its a biggie for taking yourself off the list... family first hun! Bbags aint going anyway! it'll be here when you can afford it and it will be here when you can!

    good luck with everything! hope it all works out!
  12. I honestly don't think Daphne will be upset. I'm sure she gets lots of people who for some reason or the other have to remove themselves from wait lists. And if for some reason you do get less then stellar service, I would just shop elsewhere. Good luck to you and your husband. Everything always works out in the end.
  13. I don't think the SA remembers your history of getting off lists anyway. But even if she does, I'm sure she doesn't mind. I hope your dh finds a great job soon.
  14. I agree 100% with Donna.
    You did the right thing, and you will find these bags when the time is right!
  15. I think spylove22 said the right thing - I don't think the SAs remember your waitlist history, and if you got off them or not. And as you said, there's always eBay. You're doing the right thing - family is the most important.