Taking your calcium supplement at night?

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  1. So I was in class, and we were learning about the musculoskeletal system.

    At some point she asks if any of us take calcium supplements/vitamins/minerals for bone strength. A couple raise our hands and I was one of them.

    She then said maybe we should consider taking them at night. If we take them in the morning, we use it up. If we take it at night, it gets stored while we sleep.
  2. Oh, that's interesting. I used to take the calcium supplements. Those yummy chocolate chews! mmmm...

  3. Hmm this sounds interesting. I take Centrum vitamins and I usually take them at night. That's just because I feel like that's when the body repairs itself, so it needs the most vitamins.
  4. I also believe that taking calcium before bed will help you sleep better.
  5. After hearing that, I moved my VitaminD/Calcium and a bottle of water to my bedside table.