Taking your Bbag on holiday: First, Twiggy, Purse?

  1. I'm planning a little holiday in March and I just realized that I have NO shoulder bags. Obviously this is a serious pain if you are on holiday and are walking around a lot.

    But I can't decide between the First, Twiggy, or Purse:shrugs:

    The First is my favourite Bbag style, but I'm concerned that I won't fit all my things in and you can only have 1 bag with the new security rules.

    So that leaves the Twiggy or Purse.

    What Bbag do you ladies take with you when you go on holiday? Which one works best?

  2. I would say the Purse. The Purse style is my favorite! It is big and you can carry it on your shoulder or on your arm.
  3. The First and Twiggy are more of a hand-held unless it fits on your shoulder perfectly. I always perfer shoulderbags while on travel or shopping :p
  4. Really? I've seen lots of photos here with the Twiggy and First used as shoulder bags. Maybe it isn't that comfortable though.

    I need to look at the Purse more then. It was last on my list of favourites. I hate having to be practical sometimes:p
  5. maybe a twiggy will do, because u can use it as shoulder bags or use he long straps for the change.
  6. No offense but I not a fan of the long shoulder straps but it is certainly useful :yes:
  7. yes, it may not be flattering, but i swore, it's very helpful sometimes :p
  8. I love the straps on both the First and the Twiggy. When you're holding the bag by the handles, the strap is a festive swag. And then you have the shoulder option, which is great over a coat...

    Are you going to a warm climate or cold? I definitely think the First might be small -- guidebook, camera, etc... can add up to a lot.
  9. I would take the first for going out at night and maybe daytime and either the twiggy or purse for the flight.
  10. I'm going to Scotland in March, so it will be chilly. I agree that the First will be too small, although I love it so much.

    I'm really torn between the Purse and the Twiggy. I can see how the Purse would be really useful and comfy, but the Twiggy looks more versatile because I could probably get away with taking it when I go out at night. It is a big bag that doesn't look too big.

    So confused!:confused1:
  11. can u bring both? :yes:
  12. I wish! I actually don't have a Bbag yet, but I really want one. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to buy a bag that I can wear on my shoulder because I can't do that with my speedy and Edith.

    And I can't really afford to buy 2:crybaby:
  13. twiggy! it's small enough to take out in the evenings, big enough to hold a bunch of stuff for day!

  14. why not a city then?
  15. I love that style also (I like them all really!). But I think it might be too big if I was going out for dinner at a restaurant or to a lounge/club. But I could be wrong?