Taking time off

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  1. I'm thinking of taking a year off, but I'm worried that I'll find it much harder to go back to being a student for three more years after that. I'm really afraid of regretting it and realizing in the middle of it that I've wasted time. I also want to do something interesting for that one year (instead of just living at home), but I'm fresh out of ideas of what I could do.

    Has anyone taken a temporary break (i.e. a year) between two phases of schooling? Was it a good experience? What did you do for the one year? Would you recommend doing it?
  2. i did and am still "breaking"... it is SO hard to go back, honestly!
  3. I did, and I found it easier to go back. I actually felt like I needed the schooling to move on, it's hard to explain. I took one year off and moved to Phoenix and worked with inner city kids. It was a really good experience. I was super poor, but it was so good for me and showed me what direction I wanted to go with my life.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!