Taking the plunge....

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  1. Today I will be picking up my first Chanel bag... I once said I would never pay this much for a bag.... EVER. But after seeing the Sharpei bag in turquoise, and feeling the soft buttery leather... I fell in love. It took some convincing my husband, and some MAJOR deal making with him, but I finally made it happen. So this evening, when he gets home, we are heading up to the mall, to pick it up. I am so excited to be getting it! Any suggestions on how to take care of it? How to store it when I'm not carrying it? I already own quite a few Coach, Dooney and Bourke and Michael Kors bags, and store them in their bags, or hanging up. Is it the same for Chanel bags, or should I take extra care?
  2. congrats on taking the plunge!!!! I bet there will be more in your future! ;)

    I used to feel the same way and freaked out the first time I spent $1500 on my first Balenciaga bag so I totally understand!

    as far as caring for your bag, there are a lot of good threads on here on pros/cons of conditioning or waterproofing bags and how to store them. it depends on which bag as to how it should be stored. which bag did you choose? :smile: I am not sure I know what the sharpei bag is
  3. Congrats! I don't know about this specific bag. Is it wrinkly? I have Shar Pei dogs and they are known for wrinkles. Please post pictures, I'd love to see it. I store my bags in the dust bags and not in boxes. I stuff most of them with paper or something to keep shape. I try not to put anything on top of them. I keep my wocs in the boxes.
  4. I will post a picture as soon as I get it this evening, and get home from dinner! It is gorgeous!
  5. Congrats

    You can check out maintenance thread on top of the forum. That will point you to several threads with a lot of information about taking care of the bag!
  6. Oh, please post pics!!! That is so exciting! And I completely understand about the price sticker shock! But it's SO WORTH IT when you have that beauty in your hands! :smile: Congrats!
  7. Hi, did you end up purchasing the sharpei? I just purchased one off of therealreal and would love to know if the leather interwoven in the chain handles has stitching on both sides? I always thought that stitching is present only on one and am wondering if my bag is not authentic?