Taking the plunge!

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Plum or Putty?

  1. Plum

  2. Putty

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I've finally decided to take the plunge and invest in a leather Sabrina. A little late on the bandwagon, I know--
    But help me decide, Plum or Putty?

    P.S. I'm partial to the Putty because I simply adore my neutral colors. :P

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  2. Definitely putty! It'll go with everything, it's so gorgeous.
  3. Thanks krislynne, I agree! :yes:

    But I really love the strap on the plum!
  4. I say Plum. Jazz it up. Maybe i should take my own advice huh? LOL. Im the queen of neutral colors myself. Love the plum strap too
  5. I say putty, I prefer leater over patent one.
  6. Plum is totally a "trend" color, you will get more use out of the putty.
  7. Putty
  8. I love that putty, but if you like patent, how about camel? Either way, those are some good choices!
  9. i voted putty because i love the leather sabrinas, hands down! i have not personally tried a patent one because the leather is really nice and also seems to hold up well for me. good luck. they are both really pretty.
  10. I considered the camel but something about that plum just drew me in!

    Thanks, great POV! :yes:
  11. Putty definitely! I prefer the leather Sabrina's over the patent ones and one of the first things out of your mouth when I met you was "I love neutral colors" :lol: :tup:
  12. ^ There's your answer ;) I prefer the neutral color too!
  13. LOL sooo guilty :blush:
  14. Putty. You'll use it forever.
  15. Putty! I have the Steel and it goes with everything! You'll love it it's my fav Coach bag....so far!:graucho: