Taking the plunge...

  1. I've been a TPFer for a few months now in the tokidoki+lesportsac section, and found myself drooling in here the last couple of weeks (beware! tokidoki IS a gateway drug!!) And I've decided I NEED a Bbag!

    I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for first bags, i'm used to spending up to $400 for a bag, but $1000+ is :push:! I know of a store near me that may carry them (Joan Shepp, Philly), but I want to make sure I know what i'm looking for before I get there. I want something smallish like a first, but i'm not sure if i love elbow bags....any advice for a prospective addict?
    and does anyone know of any other retailers in or close to philadelphia? i looked through the retailers thread but didn't find much.
    Thanks in advance, i'm sure i'll be getting to know everyone in here shortly!:heart:
  2. Hi and welcome =) If you are looking for a smallish bag than the First is the best bet for you. Its basically the only small Balenciaga unless you start looking at clutches. The first comes with a strap that you can wear over your shoulder as well. The city is basically a bigger version of the first, but some people can wear the city over their shoulder. It just depends on what your frame is. Hope that helps some.
  3. That def helps alot! I didn't realize the first had a longer strap, so i'll be looking into them. I'm 5'2" and 104 lbs so i'm pretty small. I'm just worried about new bags with all the problems people have had....are there reliable places to buy older bags? I still haven't been to Joan Shepp, which may have older bags still, but are there places to buy older or even gently used bags other than eBay? i'm def. not yet familiar enough to tell fakes from authentic bags from a picture....
  4. You can look for older bags in two different places. www.realdealcollection.com and annsfabulousfinds.com. They both sell authentic Balenciaga bags.
  5. The shoulder is also a nice small size.
  6. I went to Joan Shepp today, the SAs were very nice and very helpful, they had 5 or 6 Bbags- 2 Giant Spheres, 2 GH bags that they said were firsts.....i'm assuming they were but i couldn't find any on here that were similar- they looked like the first, with the gh hardware, one was black, and the other was a very bright purple, the tags on the purple bag said it was Q3 07 and the price was the same as the GH Sphere - a hefty $1595. they also had 182094 in black leather.
    I may go back and get the purple bag, i just want to make sure i'm not overpaying for it. Is there usually a $600 difference for the giant hardware? It's such a gorgeous bag! I need it!
  7. i'm pretty sure that the first doesn't come with giant hardware.. for 1595, it's probably the giant hardware city. :smile: (which is the usual retail price) not too sure how much the sphere is usually though.
  8. i had a feeling it wasn't the first...so i'm guessing it was a violet giant city. Soooooo gorgeous!

    thanks for all the help!