taking the GOOD makeup plunge!

  1. Well, now that I feel like a human being again (my toddler is sleeping!) and now that I feel sexy again (how nice that feels!), I want to upgrade my make-up. I'm a pretty 'au natural" kind of gal, but I'm fair, so without mascara, I look like I'm without eyelashes, but, sad to say, I'm not good about wearing make-up since I had kids!!! And, I've NEVER worn foundation because I have oily skin and always felt like it was a heavy mask - ick!

    But... I've only bought the cheap stuff. I want to get some nice stuff that is subtle, but pretty. I'm a dark blonde with blue eyes, spray of freckles across cheekbones and nose and very fair. I'm also 38 years old. My lips are medium to full and with brighter shades I feel like I look like the Joker! I don't think I've EVER worn anything on my lips more than once or twice a year (I was a horn player all through high school and college, and oily lips and horn playing, do NOT go together!) and so, I never developed a "style" or feel for it.

    I don't want to say "sky's the limit" in price, but I'm willing to pay for the good stuff.

  2. I would say start with the basics, maybe really pretty neutrals for daytime and then a smokey and very light lip for night?? I would say to start out buying stuff from MAC, surely you'll find something you'll like there. Get a good set of makeup brushes too. Also maybe some very light coverage foundation of some sort if you don't want to feel like you're wearing a heavy mask? I'm sure wherever you purchase it, a sales assistant can help you find you're matching shade. If you're really willing to splurge on the very good stuff La Mer skincare products are worth a shot.
  3. I recommend... a Bare Minerals starter kit. I thik you'll like it, because it's really light like a powder but it gives skin a flawless, luminous glow!
    Bourjois Mascara-- it's a French drugstore brand that's actually manufactured by Chanel. You get dept store quality for less than half the price. Also, they have a nice range of colors if you want a brown or brown-black shade since you're so fair.
    ^ You can get both of those things at Sephora or Ulta.

    This is my favorite eyeshadow that I use everyday. It's Revlon Colorstay Quad in In the Buff. It often goes on sale at Ulta.com for <$4 and they have additional coupons!

    Other inexpensive products I like are: L'oreal Blush Delice, Revlon Pinch Me blush, Revlon Colorstay liner, L'Oreal and Revlon glosses...
  4. Do you guys think that having someone do my make-up for me once is a good idea? I've never had it done before. However, I don't want it to be any SA just applying "junk" and making me look like a floosy, but someone who knows what they are doing and can give me hints.

    I have a pretty classic face and besides oily skin and ALWAYS at least one pimple, not much else going on (no dark circles or anything).
  5. ^^I think you should, usually if you go to MAC, they'll even teach you how to apply it.
  6. I'll recommend this as a starter kit:

    Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer or Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer. This has got a light, sheer coverage and evens out your skin.

    Shu Uemura and Dior do good mascaras that don't look too heavy.

    Lancome's lip glosses are great too.

    Hope this helps. Start of small first.. then slowly expand your make-up kit.
  7. Chanel glossimers or the double rouge intensite if you want a lipstick and a lipgloss in the same tube is great.

    I recommend Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer too. I use it everyday. I don't need coverage unless I get a blemish, but it still gives me a nice glow and I like having SPF and something over my face to protect from all the sun and pollutants from where I live.

    My favorite mascaras EVER are Chanel Inimitable and YSL Volume Effet Faux cils mascara.
  8. Thanks guys. I do wear make-up, just not as regularly as I used to. before kids, I wore it EVERY DAY, after kids? Who has time? But... I'm making time.

    So... do I need to make an appt for such things? or just walk in and hope they will help me? I'm pretty good with putting on make-up, but I've never used brushes other than those that came with the blush or eyeshadow swabs.

    As far as eye shadows... I haven't worn that in AGES and AGES. I KNOW I can't wear pink tones on my eyes because it makes me look puffy.

    I'm SUPER dissatisfied with my grocery store mascara too. I don't have spectacular eyelashes - not very full and not very long - just average...

    I've also never plucked/touched up my eyebrows. They have a pretty nice shape, but like everyone a few stragglers, but I guess I don't feel the need to dive into that... is that weird? Am I the last person on the planet not to get her eyebrows done? Never done my nails either! LOL Can't STAND nail polish. I just work with my hands too much to bother with that stuff.
  9. I wasn't big on Bare Minerals I felt like it never really matched my super paleness, maybe you're in the same boat so I recommend stepping into MAC. They do amazing powders and foundations and I became an instant MAC lifer when they gave me good coverage without feeling weighty. I have oily skin too, and I have found their products are great even during the summer.

    A blush will always help pale skin. I really like Lorac's pale pink which you can buy at Sephora.

    ...and I have the same mascara issue. Without mascara my eyelashes are transparent :lol:

    If you don't want to go the eyebrows route you can always use a powder to darken your brows, I think they make eyes stand out more and since my eyebrows are quite pale just shading the arch I want seems enough when I can't head to a waxer (although I like to wax :smile: ).
  10. ^:s...

    I honestly can't recommend going and having it done. At least not at the mall. Not to sound snooty, but they're not real makeup artists; they're just mall employees. So you might get someone who's good with makeup, you might get someone who's terrible or you might get someone who doesn't give a rat's @ss and they just want you to buy stuff.

    If you want to have your makeup done well, I'd recommend having it done at a salon or spa that does makeup makeovers OR having it done at an actual MAC store (I've heard really good things about MAC makeovers). In both instances, I'd call ahead and make an appointment...
  11. I hate to be the only one to disagree, but for a natural, everyday look, I would stay away from MAC. Maybe I've just had bad experiences, but every time I've tried MAC, even when I've told them I want a "natural" look (and I'm fair-skinned too), I end up looking like a clown. I do like some of MAC's products, but I think Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Stila, or some of the other lines might be a better bet, but again, that's just my opinion and experience.

    I don't wear foundation, but I LOVE tinted moisturizers! They are great for just giving a nice glow as well as SPF and protection.
  12. I'd agree with sarcal and recommend going to Bobbi Brown. I've NEVER worn makeup and recently had it down at the BB counter at Nordies. They gave me the natural look I wanted and I found a great 5 minute routine that makes me look and feel more put together!
  13. I would go to a MAC counter and all the things you've told us about pale eyelashes, not wanting to wear too much, etc. tell all that to the SA before you guys get started. The more you tell them, the more they can give you the look you're wanting (makes sense right? :smile:) I'm the type that I used to worry about sounding bossy or picky so I didn't say very much and I usually ended up with a look I was less than thrilled with. So now I speak up and give as much info as I can about the look I'm wanting and it has always turned out better that way.

    Two more quick tips I can think to give are 1.Chat up a SA who's makeup you like. If the SA who first approaches you has bright blue eyeshadow and fushia lipgloss, tell them that you're just browsing and then when the one with more natural makeup comes over ask her for the makeup advice! Tip 2: try to go sometime when the mall is kind of dead. Early on weekdays is best if at all possible. That way the person isn't rushed with a lot of other people wanting makeovers or isn't trying to sell you a lot of makeup at the end of the day to make quota.

    hope that helps!
  14. I'd recommend Chanel's Teint Innocence for foundation. I have the compact and it works like a charm! Also, get a good eyelash curler (Shiseido is my fave), a good mascara (Chanel and Clinique rock), and a nice, natural blusher (Clinique again, or Nars).

    I don't wear eyeshadow very often so I'll leave that are to the more experienced ladies out there!
  15. Personally, I think foundation/tinted moistrizer and mascara are two things that you should spend a little bit of money on.

    Drug store makeup is good, but MAC is probably the best way forward if you don't tend to wear much makeup often. Also Clinique and Benefit.

    My faviourite tinted moisturizer is, g http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P122790&categoryId=C10550&shouldPaginate=true - A Clinique product, it only comes in three colours, but its really good for even coverage and blending.

    Mascara wise, MAC is the best mascara imo.
    http://www.maccosmetics.com/templates/products/sp.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY15102&PRODUCT_ID=PROD1385 - this is my fave.