Taking Ryan tote to new job tomorrow!

  1. Hey girls, sorry I haven't posted here in awhile...some of you might know I started a new job Tuesday and I will post more about that later this week in gen. discussion...

    Meanwhile, tomorrow is day #3 and I am bringing my black Ryan tote tomorrow! I have been a 'change bags every day' type of girl the past year or so and I have no reason to stop that now that I'm working again.

    We've got a chock full day...new weekly status meeting, lunch with my VP (she has some transition planning we have to go over) and another meeting with my Director...anyway I'm super excited and she'll be great with my black wide leg slacks, Prada black suede drivers, white theory short sleeved campshirt & cute jewlery, don't 'cha think? :wlae:

    this was a total impulse purchase this summer...so glad I kept her!! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats on your new job! Lovely bag, too!
  3. Pursegirrl, so happy you got a new job!:smile: And that outfit sounds carefully planned, I've got those Prada drivers as well (two pairs actually, love them to death) only mine are not suede (would like suede, though, LOL)

    Good luck with that Ryan!
  4. ^^ Oh, thank you youngster and maggie! I'm so glad I kept the Ryan...she is great for a small water bottle and for throwing my filofax into it if I have a meeting and am not sure if I need to take notes or not...

    A little OT, but yes the Prada drivers are TDF! I love heels but there is a part of me also obsessed with driving shoes for some reason...unfortunately I have to have slacks hemmed for flats as well as for heels, but I guess that's another post...

    Don't worry, Sienna, you'll have your last gasp of summer here on a casual Friday I'm sure!!
  5. Good luck with the new job, you will look smashing!
  6. i own the ryan tote in black- just starting using this week-- i love it!
  7. thanks, everyone! When I got the Ryan it was 95 degrees here, sweltering, and I wasn't sure I wanted to keep it. I'm so glad I did! Hope all of you who own it as well enjoy it as much as I do!!
  8. Pursegrrl, congrats on the new job and I'm sure your Ryan is going to make you feel like a million dollars (with the help of your Pradas). It's good to feel that way when starting a new job, which can be nervewracking, especially the first day

    Have a great Monday!
  9. Great bag for a great girl going to a great new job.