Taking Prenatal pills when you are not pregnant.

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  1. I have a friend who take prenatal pills as a multivitamin. Does anyone else do this? Is it healthy to do this?
  2. I do it. I have for about 2 years.
  3. It's perfectly healthy to do this. However I'm wondering the reasoning for doing this as opposed to a regular multi?
  4. I do it. I was on my prenatal pills for 3.5 years straight because during those years I was continously nursing, pregnant, or both. After I went off them I switched to a regular multi-vitamin and found that they all upset my stomach. They put weird things in multivitamins (e.g. boron, cadmium, copper, etc.) that aren't in my prenatal. So I switched back to the prenatal and feel much better. I use the Walmart brand prenatal.
  5. I did it for a time while I was around 19. I was living on campus and was basically eating CRAP all day. I went to the doctor complaining that I was constantly tired, my skin was horrible, my nails were brittle, etc...Basically: I was malnourished. I was given prenatal vitamins and I was pepped up quickly
  6. They're gonna die!!!

    Ok, not really. It's perfectly fine. :smile:
  7. Thanks guys- I read in a different thread its not good, but I'm going to give it a whirl
  8. No problem, I think it´s only healthy