Taking pickles out of a jar

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  1. This is a very random question lol....but i was wondering how do you take food items, such as pickles slices, out of a jar?? I'm Asian so i always use chopsticks to take out pickles, olives, cherries, etc..

    what a weird question right? =]
  2. I use a fork.

    I want to :throwup: if I see someone using their hands.
  3. lol! i sometimes used chopsticks too.

    we eat spaghetti at home with chopsticks while growin up!!!

    but uh, honestly? i think the majority of the time i've used my hands. its just me and my pickle jar. no one elses!
  4. I use a fork, lol :P

    my parents are chinese and korean, we use chopsticks for everything. to beat eggs, cook noodles, anything.

    we don't really eat with them though. how weird. :P
  5. I use my hands. Who cares, they're not going to get deadly finger cancer if they share pickles with me lol.
  6. I use a clean fork.
  7. depends...if i kno its just me, i use my hands (after washing of course) but if im cooking, ill use a fork.
  8. I use a fork. If I want another one, then I get another fork. If no one else eats what's in the jar, then I use my fingers.
  9. I use a fork
  10. a fork!
  11. fork and im usually the only one eating pickles so sometimes i use my fingers :drool:
  12. I use a fork
  13. Chopsticks, fork, tongs, kebab skewer, whatever is closest to hand.
  14. Fork or fingers. I tend to think the pickle juice is acidic enough that it would kill any finger germs I might have.
  15. Fingers or a knife. I use my fingers if I want a straight-up pickle or a knife if I'm cutting it for a boigah. I figure the vinegar'll kill the germs.