Taking My Sienna on Vacation!

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  1. I can't believe that there is even an issue about this, but let me tell you about what I have been thinking about. My hubby and I are leaving for Santa Fe this week for 5 days. I want to take my flower embossed Sienna because it kind of has that Western look to it, and I just want to show her off. We are planning to go to the Indian Market that they hold annually in the square, so it is big enough for me to stuff small purchases in it. Why in the world am I fretting about taking that beautiful bag with me?? I don't know. That's why I bought her in the first place!! 1) I am thinking that she might bet beat up from just schlepping around 2) I am used to changing out my bag at least every other day and I don't want to take 2 bags. I must be crazy. I should be thinking instead about that swirling mass of weather that will be waiting for us as probably a hurricane by the time we get back to Florida. Help.
  2. Take her and enjoy yourself! I know you feel though, it's like I keep some of my bags in a museum..fear of use! LOL

    Have a good time and take an extra bag with you too! :tup:
  3. I think that now would be a good time to enjoy her...and for others to enjoy her, too. When you mentioned "that swirling mass of weather" it made my heart skip a beat and I held my breath for a second. I'm a fellow Floridian in Sarasota and these recent hurricane seasons have been horrific! I say "Go, take Sienna and have a wonderful time!"
  4. I think the embossed sienna is the pefect choice for Santa Fe! And dont worry about it getting beat up, as it will look better and get really soft with alot of use.
    Looking forward to seeing holiday snaps!
  5. Definitely take your floral embossed Sienna to Sante Fe and have a great time. She'll fit right in. Hopefully, what's brewing off Africa will go a different direction. I'm in Florida too but at least I'm inland. You and Ciatta are on the coast.
  6. Definitely take your Sienna, she'll fit right into Santa Fe and she's gonna get more supple with use.
  7. That's the great thing about Koobas, they just get better with use.
  8. Yes, yes, yes.....to all of the above. I am finding myself just a little hypocritical because I gave someone else advice to take those bags out of the closet and use them....and now look at me!! I think I will take her on that outing after all! I must be crazy to think that I shouldn't!
  9. Compass - I hear you! I am leaving for NYC tomorrow and can't decide which bag to take! My new Jillian, which hasn't left the closet or maybe my IF Carina that I can put a book in, (my dh magazines that I always end up with) and other stuff. I am bringing an extra bag though for dinner, theater, etc.

    Oh, and definetly take the embossed sienna. She'll be perfect!
  10. Yay! I believe I will!!! And, GracieLoo, I have enough room in my suitcase to take another small bag.....just because! Okay...now I'm excited!! Thanks everyone!
  11. Have a great time Rose. You and your Sienna! That's what bags are for, to use and enjoy.
  12. And while you are packing, here is a little tip from my Grandma.

    'After you are fully packed, take out half of the clothes and put in twice as much money.'

  13. Very funny!!!!!!!!
  14. AND don't forget to leave room for pressies for your Kooba pals. :graucho:
  15. Go and enjoy that Sienna!! I had my Cognac out yesterday and thought, "this bag has to come out more often and get that stiff, new feel out of it.."

    Have a great time in Santa Fe:smile: