Taking my "new" vernis Fleur Lexy out...

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  1. Dh and I are going to dinner and a movie with NO kids!! :graucho: I figured it was the perfect night to take my beauty out (besides dh...LOL), so here she is!!

    Sorry that one is blurry....and it was taken in my dd's room! =)
  2. Is that the black fleur Lexy?? So cute - I love it!!
  3. YES!! :yes: I put the wrong name in the title!!
  4. I love that bag! It's my favorite color in the Fleurs line :love:
  5. Very pretty :yes:
  6. so pretty! enjoy your night out!!
  7. it's so pretty!
  8. Love the bag. Enjoy your night out. Go wild!!!
  9. Enjoy your nite..looks great on you..
  10. Really pretty! It looks great on you.
  11. It looks great on you, so pretty:love:
  12. Oooh love that bag!! And it looks awesome on you. Hope you had a nice dinner! How about a close up pic? I need to drool on your vernis...
  13. Looks great on you! Have fun tonight!
  14. WOW it looks great on you!!! :biggrin:
  15. Super cute!