taking my mom shopping on Rodeo.....help

  1. so this Sat, I'm taking my mom shopping on Rodeo. She really wants to get a new purse and actually is willing to spend a bit on one. I think she should get the Berkley but she isn't a big fan of Damier. Any ideas of something similar to get her?? She really wants leather but not willing to pay thousands for it (like Nomad or Suhali).

    Is EPI good, I mean I heard it can crack and peel, is that true??

    Also what other purse stores beside Coach and Gucci are on Rodeo Dr??

    BTW, she doesn't own any luxury purses. She usually buys Brighton bags.
  2. I have a epi bag (speedy black) and I love it..soft and elegant looking...
    also you can look at the mono if she doesnt like the damier. maybe a manhattan pm...
  3. I think epi is subtle yet classy. But if she doesn't have LV yet, why not start off with mono? Perhaps a Palermo or Saleya?
  4. I think she should go for mono.
  5. They have a Juicy Couture, Chanel, and Versace. She should get any mono bag I guess since she doesn't like Damier. Of course there are so many, you should just have fun looking at everything and then decide!
  6. Just like what others have already mentioned, I vote for the mono too since this is her first LV.
    Have fun shopping!!
  7. Hmm, if she wants leather, I'd go with Epi since Mono is canvas and only the vachetta is leather. But mono is classic LV so it would be good as a first piece.
  8. I would urge her toward mono as well for a first bag.. let her know that treated canvas wears extremely well and even more so than leather.
  9. are the Tivoli's sold out?? I want her to get that bag so maybe one day when she gets sick of it, I can take it off her hands for her!! hehe. *insert devilish grin here*

    so I made a list of bags I want her to check out. She's rather short (5'1" and she's 56 years young) so hopefully some of these won't drown her or make her look too young. I know she said she doesn't like damier but she should at least check it out, right??

    Let me know what you guys think:

    bv or bh
    popincourt haut
    cabas piano
    neo cabby
    mini lin bucket
    noe (either mini lin, epi or mono)
    epi speedy
  10. from your list i like manhattan, bv or bh, popincourt haut, beverly, mini lin bucket, noe (either mini lin, epi or mono -> petit noe is great too), saleya. have fun shopping!
  11. how about the mono alma? i think it is classic LV, will work for both of you
  12. from your list, i think the tivoli pm, beverly, and noe (i think noe is too big, what about petit noe in mono or epi??) or the epi speedy would be nice. my mom is around that age and that height too, and i'm going to get her the epi madeleine pm in cassis since i think she would prefer a shoulder bag. if your mom prefers shoulder bags i'd definitely say the beverly or petit noe.
  13. From your list, I'd pick the Cabas Piano or Monogram Petit Noe (since the regular Noe might be too big for her).
  14. I think epi would be perfect!
  15. If she likes leather, you might have her try an epi Lockit or Alma. They're classic styles that can be dressed up or down, and would look great on a woman of any age. But it sort of depends on whether she likes a shoulder bag or a hand held bag. From your list, I'd probably choose the Tivoli, Beverly, or Saleya.

    In addition to the stores you mentioned on Rodeo Drive, there's also Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chanel, Dior, Bottega Veneta, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, and probably a few others I forgot.