Taking LV too seriously

  1. Hey all. I just got back from going to a local store and took my azure speedy 30 with me. A lady there told me it was nice and we started gabbing. So, she asks me if I'm into LV. I say yeah, it's a hobby of mine. She then turns around and calls me snotty and says LV is not a hobby and walks off. :wtf: So, do you guys think some people take LV too seriously? Any thing like this happen to you guys?
  2. Oh well who cares. Some people don't think stamp collecting is a hobby but a lot of people do it. Different strokes for different folks and all.
  3. i dont want to offend anyone here but YES, i think some people do take LV too seriously. i dont mean people who collect LV because they are iconic well made well designed bags and LEs and discontinued bags are stunning. it just anoys me a bit when people obssess over things like "should i carry my LV to ... " or "people hate me because i carried my LV to ... ".
    luxury items are things i like to have and i work hard for them but they arent the be all and end all. they do not define me and i have more important things to do than have a handbag as my hobby.
  4. Yeah, so weird of her to just storm off! Sorry that happened to you...too bad when fun chitchat goes sour. Whatever, enjoy your LV!!!
  5. ^Agree! :smile:
  6. I think people are turned off, in particular, because LV has such a reputation...it is infamous for being worn by famous people who not everyone finds to be the classiest...and, to some, it has a definite "i am trying to look rich" feel. :tdown:

    BUT :yahoo:, it is such a dynamic brand with such variety...it appeals to a much wider array than most people think, and that is odd to some people, since they automatically assume "rich *****" when they hear LV.
  7. That's why it's a hobby...something you like in your spare time when the more important things are taken care of. :idea:
  8. i get where your coming from but i still wouldnt call it a hobby. calling a brand a hobby just seems rather shallow to me.
  9. Whhaaaatttttt!? :wtf:

    She actually said: "Snotty ..... LV is not a hobby."

    Wow, you must have good manners and patience.

    Good for you for not replying back to that immature remark. :woohoo:

  10. See, this what I've thought for a while now, I feel calling a brand anything more than a hobby is shallow. To me, it's like if it's not a hobby, something for spare/free time, what is this person's
  11. I think the lady is rude to call you snotty in the first place.

  12. More like"How snotty. LV IS NOT A HOBBY!!!! :cursing: " LOL It's weird to me how serious people take certain things.
  13. Lol, what a crazy woman! Looks like she has nothing better to do with her life!
  14. I'm referring to the collecting aspect of it. It could be LV or any other purse, brand or non brand. Some people collect vintage bags, I wouldn't think that was shallow.
    But oh well, we agree to disagree on this one.
  15. tPF's tagline does state "shallow obsessing strongly encouraged" :rolleyes: