Taking her purse for a test drive??

  1. So this evening I was having dinner at Rudy's BBQ (an awesome BBQ place in TX) and I look up to see this woman wearing her purse WITH the price tag still on it!!! :confused1: I had to blink a few times b/c I thought that I must be seeing things. But sure enough, I impolitely stared long enough to double check that it was....she still had the Coach price tag hanging off of it. So then I thought to myself, poor thing, she must have been so excited about her purse that she forgot to take it off?? Right? So I casually go up to her, on my way to get a refill, and whisper "do you know that you still have the price tag hanging off of your purse?" You'll never believe it, but she said "oh yeah." What??!! :wtf: All I could think of was, here I was feeling sorry for her, thinking she forgot to take it off, but she's probably going to take it back & try to return it at some point!!! What do you make of that? Did she think it was okay to take her purse out for a test drive at a BBQ place? Then I thought of all of you that have purchased things from JAX to open it & find out it's clearly been used. :push: Well that could have been from this woman!! Well okay maybe not from her, but you know what I mean?! And the worst part about it is, it's just going to absorb that BBQ smell. It's a yummy smell, if you like BBQ, but hello?, who wants their purse to smell like BBQ? I didn't even take my legacy satchel inside b/c I didn't want the leather or the lining to absorb any of the smell. So can you imagine if she does indeed return it? The smell! Every time I leave there, my hair, clothes, jacket, etc. always smell like I've been to a bonfire. Just had to share what I witnessed!
  2. What a story! If you weren't so distracted by the tag on the bag, you probably would have noticed a tag or two hanging from her clothing as well. She probably does this on a regular basis, Sad.

    You should go to the COACH store nearest the BBQ place and snif around for something that smells of a bonfire!
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. Some people have no class. If you are questioning your purse purchase, then wear it around the house, but not to a restaurant!
  5. I lost you after "Rudy's BBQ" -- OMG I adore that place!!! :drool: The thought of it is enough to make me want to jump in the car and drive the 1100 miles back home to Texas!

    On the bag with the tag -- how sad. I guess it's like people who wear clothes and tuck the tags in to return them. No class whatsoever.

    eta: the rhyme was unintentional! haha! I sound like Dr. Seuss... (On the bag with the tag -- how sad.)
  6. Rudy's BBQ is soo awesome! I can't believe she 'test drove' a bag there, though...I always smell like I fell in their slow smoker after leaving that place!

    You think if she returns that bag, it'll make the SA's hungry and they won't know why?:p

    Seriously, that's bad form. If she's going to test a bag, she should do it only at home by putting her stuff in it and carrying it around the house!
  7. LOL. That is so tacky
  8. OMG beyond tacky!! Test drive in the comfort and safety of your own home, everyone....