Taking her out for the first time

  1. After two weeks, I'm going to use my new onatah gm tomorrow. I ordered a large purseket and found it was too big and then I ordered a medium and it will work.

    Here are some pictures. I plan to take a picture tomorrow with me wearing it as I don't think I look so hot in my pjs right now. :yes:


    [​IMG] I'm in :heart: !
  2. Luv it!
  3. Beautiful bag! :smile:
  4. That's hot!
  5. Goooorgeous!
  6. ooooh... me likes!!!
  7. :nuts: So Gorgeous :yahoo:
    I love your baby's color so much :love:
  8. She is lovely!
  9. Ohhh...I'm excited for you! :nuts: Have a great day carrying your new baby!
  10. oh i love your bag! it is so pretty!
  11. wow it's so pretty!
  12. that's so beautiful
  13. Very nice! Have a great day with her!
  14. So cute, all packed and ready to go !
  15. love your bag!