Taking Charge of Your Fertility- Book Club

  1. This book is the bible of TTC...

    It teaches you how to chart the three signs of fertility:
    1) Cervical Mucus
    2) Basal Body Temperature
    3) Cervix position

    What information did you find the most helpful in TTC?
  2. If it wasn't for checking out this blog I would not know about the book or the importance of CF and the other signs. Reading it made me more connected to understanding my body. Good for any woman.
  3. I took my temps for a while and charted them. It was useful for understanding when I ovulate, but totally useless w/o checking for CM. This is my first month checking CM and we were starting way too early... now I know how to better time thanks to this book (and Shyloo)!
  4. Well you all know I credit my pg with this book - it really taught me what to look for, my temps were not reliable at all. The sample charts in the back made me realize I had no idea what I was looking for - the descriptions of CM was really helpful.

    Good luck!!!
  5. how do you check for CM? kinda nervous to check it :shame:
    if TMI, pretty pls PM me the how to's...
    thanks :heart:
  6. dizizit - you really should get the book, there are chapters on checking cm and how to chart it - it isnt complicated, but gives very in depth descriptions you will probably want to read and reread.
  7. ^ I would like the know too. Could someone PM me or scan the pages here? Many TIA!
  8. I'll PM you tomorrow. Its too late for me now.
  9. This book rocks on so many levels. :jammin:
    Not just for TTC but just to be aware of how our cycles work and all the different things that make it happen every month.
    The charting is invaluable for many reasons other than TTC.
  10. TCOYF and its advice on charting BBT and CM was the number 1 reason for me realizing that I had a fertility problem and going to the doctor ASAP. My charts looked bizarre and irregular with no peak at O time, and that's when I thought there might be a problem. Turns out I was right, and I needed help from a fertility specialist to get pregnant with my two kids.

    TCOYF is a GREAT way to get to know your body (veeeerrry intimately, hehe) and become familiar with your cycles.
  11. This book is really good. It has helped me determine my cycles and when to BD based on CM and a bunch of other helpful hints.
  12. This is THE book to have when TTC. I got pregnant within the first 2 months after reading this book. You should also look into a computerized charting system that goes along with this book....ovusoft...it's software that helps to determine your ovulation pattern. I used this book and ovusoft together and wham....I was pregnant instantly. www.ovusoft.com :tup:
  13. Haven't pm'ed you yet I have been really busy. I will do so very soon though. I may just start a new and interesting thread!!!
  14. I think ALLLLLLL women should get this book because we are NOT taught about how our fertility works. If I had a daughter, I would get her one when she reached puberty because it answers a lot of questions and it is not just for GETTING pregnant, but for preventing pregnancy. PLUS, I think so often when a girl has irregular periods or weird things with their cycles, they are told to take the pill to make it regular. Well, how does this solve the underlying problem? It doesn't. I would want to know BEFORE TTC if I had a problem I should know about so that I can do what needs to be done (if possible) to make things right.
  15. I just picked up a copy of this book from the library today and already started reading it. It's pretty hefty but I'm a fast reader. I will go ahead and buy it at some point but I really love being able to test drive books for free at the library first, especially when I want to read them asap!