Taking Chanel to Europe....?

  1. Just hoping you guys could help me out with this. At the beginning of February, I will be leaving for Scotland for study abroad for 4 months! And I just got my very first Chanel (caviar new classic flap, I think it's called), which I've been using everyday.... Here's my question: do you think it would be a bad idea to take it with me???
    My parents are telling me that I shouldn't, but my thinking is that if I use it everyday at home (in California), why can't I use it everyday there? I was going to take one of my LV's, but I think Chanel is a bit more discreet. What do you guys think? Thanks so much for the help!:yes:
  2. I took my Chanel with me to Denmark and used it everyday. I think you should take it.

    Just curious, what reason does your parents give of why you shouldn't take it?
  3. ^I think they just don't want me to lose it. And they're worried about me being in a brand new environment and having to worry about my purse.
  4. If you love wearing it everyday, I would take it. It shouldn't matter where you are, just the amount of caution and care you exhibit with it. It's caviar so it should be fine in whatever situations you find yourself in. However, I might not use it on excursions where you might have to leave your bags someplace- not because you're not in the US, just because I would always avoid doing that. I would also be sure to keep it someplace very safe and hidden when not in use (just because I assume your living accomodations won't be entirely private). Have a great time in Scotland!
  5. awww you have to take her. Your gorgeous bag deserves to see the beauty of Scotland ;)

    You will be fine, if anything, its a much much more understated look than any LV that you could carry :smile:

    Have a fabulous trip, I am sure you will adore scotland (just pack an umbrella in that gorgeous Chanel bag ;) )
  6. Yea, that's what I was thinking...I don't mind carrying it around school with me, and I'll just bring something like a small messenger for trips/excursions.
  7. I'm sure your Chanel will be just fine... I would just take extra precaution and hang onto wherever you go... I lived in NYC and always kept a tight grip on my designer bags when I was walking down the street, so I grew accustomed to being wary of my surroundings. Have fun in Scotland!
  8. You could always leave your bag with your parents to start with - give yourself time to judge your new living arrangements and the people you will be living with etc - and then maybe get your parents to ship over your bag at a later date?

    When I lived in Germany for 3 months, I didnt take any of my expensive clothes and bags with me..... and it was just as well because I enjoyed the German beer too much and would probably have left it somewhere... lol. You may have such a good time when you first get there that it might be more prudent to get it shipped at a later date when things calm down?

    Or perhaps you could ensure that your bag is added seperately onto your insurance policy - so that if something were to happen, you could always get another one?

    Have a wonderful time in beautiful Scotland! Be sure to check out http://www.kingdomofstyle.typepad.co.uk/ for my favourite Scottish bloggers and their individual fashion styles!
  9. I recently had the same dilemma. I was worried about someone stealing one of my purses or damaging it terribly. I ended up not taking it at first and then getting it later! :smile: I'm sure it'll be fine just make sure your extra aware of your surroundings. The caviar should hold up completely.
  10. Take it....:heart:H
  11. ^^ Ita!
  12. Maybe because I'm a parent now too (older, okay) and can appreciate your parent's perspective. And knowing that people do what they want to do irregardless, then chain it to yourself, literally -- never let it out of your sight and the insurance idea is excellent. Make sure it covers every local and every circumstance.

    If you're a scatterhead, a forgetful type, then by all means listen to your folks. They don't want to see you in angst over losing your purse. (And as I recall, there's nothing worse than the I told you so.)
  13. I can see and feel your parents concern. Students generally don't carry bags like Chanel around and although it is a lovely understated bag, I would be cautious. I've heard of snatch thiefs and slashers (not to scare you) but that happens anywhere in the world. (I studied in UK btw)
    4 months will go by quickly and like neenabengals said, you can always send for her later once you have a gauge of your environment.
    Have a great time in Scotland!
  14. I think you should take it and be careful (as you would have to be anywhere, whether here or abroad). I think someone gave great advice to lock it up when not in use. Also -- don't take it when you are sightseeing or going to pubs and such. But I think you should take it and enjoy.
  15. I would err on the side of caution especially if you will be staying in a dorm. Have a blast in Scotland.