Taking Chanel on vacation. Would you bring a luggage lock?

  1. I really want to take my bag but at certain times, we'll be out of the hotel room in places that it is an even worse idea to bring the bag along with me. I would be sick if something happened to my bag so I'd like to take all precautions possible. What do you do?
  2. I always take my bags on vacation with me. I usually carry all my bags in a carry-on piece and then at the hotel I use the vault to store them. On vacation, I usually only bring my smaller pieces though. You bought them so you should enjoy them while on vacation as well! Where are you going?
  3. Are the vaults big enough? I have larger bags (Speedy 30, jumbo flaps, that kind of thing) and I don't think I've ever managed to get one in to a hotel safe unless you could the Speedy which can basically be smashed down.
  4. hhhmmmmm. That would be a tough one. I only use my pochettes when I am on vacation, or smaller flap bags.

    I have actually left my purses in my luggage and it was okay, but I guess that is rather risky, unless you do not have cleaning service. Maybe you could bring just one or two bag that goes with everything on your trip. I bet one jumbo flap would fit into a vault.
  5. I just got back from vacation and I took my one and only Chanel bag with me. We weren't flying though, we drove by car and there weren't many of us going, so everyone shared 3 or 4 large suitcases, but I put my Chanel bag in it's dustbag in the Chanel box (I kept the box too) and just carried it that way, but I guess by plane, it's a lot harder.
  6. I never bring expensive bags with me on trips...just waaaay too nervous to...I'd much rather take a cheaper bag that I don't have to worry about nearly as much! :yes:
  7. I wouldn't take it if you will be nervous about it.
  8. I always carry a nice bag with me on trips but, only in caviar. I also take a small bag that fits in my carry-on. I carried a large caviar tote to China a few years ago without a problem.
  9. I don't travel with nice purses. This way I have an excuse to buy one!
  10. I totally agree! It does not worth the risk!
  11. i never bring luxury bags with me on vacations! I want to enjoy my trip care-free without worries...

    Also, i might buy some new goodies during the trip, so end up will use a new bag during vacations!
  12. I usually just bring 2 bags along with me....I store them in my luggage and and I lock my luggage when leaving my hotelroom!
    Depending on the vacation I decide how high end my bags will be:yes:
  13. Same here, I'm taking one chanel bag this year and I always put my valueables in my suitcase and lock it before I leave the room.
    And also always take it in your handluggage on the airplane! Suitcases get lost so much lately (my dad had his lost 4 times already this year. And the last time, about a month ago, he hasn't gotten it back at all, he's still waiting for it!)

    But I am also hesitant about taking my new madison (because it's still so new), since I'm starting my holiday in a hotel this year and I would defenitely be heartbroken if something would happen to it...
  14. I'm sure you read the thread about those 5 beautiful purses being stolen? It's on this page. That freaks me out. From now on I think I'm only going to bring one Chanel which I'll carry on the plane and use exclusively so it's never outta my sight.

    I would just freak if my purses got stolen. And God help anybody in the vicinty that happens to be carrying the same purse. lol.

  15. :roflmfao:Yeah I know! My BF always jokes about it. "poor person who would ever try to steal you designer bag.." He knows I would create some supernatural powers :mad::biggrin: