Taking Care of Your Denim

  1. Hey girls. I just bought my first pair of really expensive denim - a pair of Joe's Jeans "Honey"! They fit really well but they are my first pair of jeans that aren't Gap or Old Navy. I was reading the care label and it says "Dry Clean Recommended" so I was wondering how most of you guys take care of your denim. I hate to ruin my first pair of "fancy" jeans in the washer and dryer. Thanks guys!
  2. I usually wash my jeans inside out and use cold water to try and retain the colour longer and also avoid shrinking.
  3. ^ same here

    most of my R&R jeans say "dry clean only" on the tag... but i still wash them in the machine, and they're fine
  4. ^ I do the same thing as well. I wash them in cold water with no other clothes in there (in case of color transference). I also keep them out of the dryer and just let them hang dry instead.
  5. Same as everyone else.. dry cleaning is not necessary. Turn inside out to wash in cold water, and hang to dry.
  6. same as everyone else.. always wash it with cold water :smile: with very mild liquid detergent :smile: do not hang it under the sun..
  7. yup always wash inside out. also put them in the dryer and they're still like new
  8. just be sure to wash inside out and hang dry. I use to dry clean all my designer jeans but it got so expensive so now I will only dry clean my black jeans so they don't fade.
  9. Wash em inside out cold ,hang dry =]
  10. thanks guys!
  11. Yeah, I agree with everyone here. Its the best way to prolong the life of an expensive great pair of jeans.
  12. I just got a pair of Joe's Jeans Honey too! I washed them in cold water and hung them and they're fine.