Taking care of your Coach!

  1. Do you take extra special care of your Coachs? I mean, by keeping them clean, Etc?

    I do and feel that when one spends that kind of money, they should!

    So, does it make you go :wtf: when your out and you see someone with a Coach and it looks like a car ran over it?

    I was in line yesterday and a woman in front of me had the exact same Coach as me!! And she noticed it and said "Oh, look! We have the same Coach bag". I got mine this past Christmas and I love it!"

    I swear to God, it looked like it was 20yrs old and had been run over. LMAO!

    Im actually anal to the point my husband makes fun of me!! Im always so worried of a spill or something getting on it! LOL I figured, I paid money for these, Im going to treat them like a Queen!

    How shallow is that? LOL Please tell me im not the only one LOL:s
  2. You are not the only one! We pay good money for them. Why someone would'nt take care of them is beyond me.

    Some people are just like that though. My sister and her hubby have a car that isn't even 2 years old yet and it look like it's at least 7-10 years old. Mine on the other hand will be 5 years old in October and everytime I take it into the dealership I get pestered about when I'm getting a new one cuz they know they could sell it so easily since it still looks new (other than 2 tiny shopping cart dents). She wants me to let her borrow a bag, but no way! Her little girl has a wristlet though (yeah, I'm a sucker and bought it for her cuz she wouldn't let go of it at the store)! 20mo and she takes better care of her stuff than mommy & daddy do!
  3. How do you ladies store your bags? I do keep mine in their dustcover and put away (top shelf of the closet) when not in use, but I do worry about them keeping their shape.
  4. I love buying cute hat boxes and keeping them in there!! You can get them cheap a many places! They come in all shapes and sizes!
  5. ^^Good idea about the hat boxes....I never would've thought to do that!!
  6. ^^ that is a FANTASTIC idea!!
  7. I keep them in open bins inside their dust covers... My leather things I don't box up so they can breath.:smile:

    I want to get little "mini bins" for all of my accesories now.:yes:
  8. I try very hard to keep my bags clean, but with 4 kids it can get a little difficult. My mother only wears Coach as well, but she is harder on her bags. I am constantly telling her that she needs to be gentler with them.
  9. Hi,

    Is it safe to use coach fabric cleaner on the signature bags? I have the dark brown signature duffle bag (10402) and matching wristlet. I used a damp white hankie to clean the bag and wristlet once. Don't think that is a good idea!

  10. I store mine in their dustbags and routinely check for scratches and new bends in the leather.

    I know, I'm obsessed.
  11. I'm horrible sometimes :sad: I don't like throw it across the road or anything but i'll throw it in my backseat, set it on the ground etc. To me, it's still a purse and you can only baby so much until it drives you insane.

    I store mine nicely though in a bin, I make sure they're all stuffed and everything too because if they're not, they lose shape majorly!
  12. I've seen people with the same bag as me that looks many years older too. I was thinking about it one day and realized that they may use that bag every single day, everywhere they go. Maybe it's their only bag - not everyone has a closet full of purses like we do on tpf (that's why I love this forum!!!) I change bags daily, so my Coach, LV, etc. get used less than 1 day a week (except for my black pebbled leather shoulder tote - that's been my black work bag a few days per week lately)
  13. yes and no.
    it depends what bag.
    my ltd ed's=yes, no doubt.
    my expensive but not ltd ed=yes,but not overly so,they get used,not abused.
    my first bag and the totes i buy? they get beaten up according to normal use. i mean, i don't go PUTTING them in puddles, dropping drinks on them or set out to destroy them, but they do not get babied. they get used. all the time and with much love. i like having a couple of beater bags.

    i love the way my Coach beater bags and my LV speedy can take so much abuse and not look like that have! all but 2 of my bags still look like "A" condition bags, barely used looking! One of mine got beaten up from bringing it to work at the bar i used to work for, the other kinda became a beach tote. they still look great, and have stood up SO well, but you can see use on them.
  14. I take really good care of the ones I use that they look brand new. I don't use most of what's in my collection but when I do, I make sure I'm not overly abusive with them. I don't baby them much either but I make sure I try to keep them out of situations where they can get dirty and such.