taking care of your bags

  1. i am sure that there have been a million threads about this, i searched over 30 pages and couldn't really find anything. maybe for the newbies like me there could be a pinned thread? i just really want your advice because i am so new to the fancy nice purse world!

    i have a nice bag coming to me in a few weeks and i have no ide ahow to take care of it. i've never really had something leather and delicate to take care of, and i highly doubt scotch-guarding my brand new bag is the best option. how do you protect the leather against scuffs, against the elements? (mostly against rain) is there a particular product that is best? should you reapply it once a week? once a month? once?

    thank you thank you!!!!!!!

    so sorry to repeat a thread that has probably been done a million times before
  2. Hi Sara, you have a Love Me on the way, right? I totally understand your worries about wanting to protect your new handbag.

    I have a Love Me too and I must say, that it's indestructible. I didn't treat it and it's been in the rain, snow and it looks brand new. I've never seen that in a handbag before.

    But, I have the black crash and I think that's a different leather. So, here's what I would do. I would send Jackie an email. She is wonderful at a fast response and would be happy to let you know what to do. I once tried one of her matte leathers and she explained how I should treat it with a cream conditioner before using. She told me the name of the company, I think Boston Care. With my black crash, she never gave me instructions because I think it doesn't need anything. It's very low maintaince.

    Good Luck.
  3. thank you for the suggestion, i didn't even think of e-mailing her, i will definitely do that!!!