Taking care of those delicate little things..

  1. How do you care for your lingerie?
  2. Woolite and in a lingerie bag on the handwash cycle of my machine - then lay flat to dry. T shirt bras get handwashed only though - they seem to get misshapen even on the handwash cycle.
  3. I handwash the nicer stuff with Forever New fabric wash. You can get it at lingerie boutiques and at Nordstroms. It's an organic and biodegradable formula that doesn't ruin the sillk and delicate laces. And it smells good. :smile:
  4. I am lazy....I just throw everything into the washing machine and hope it comes out alright.
  5. Same as bubbleloba. Wash by hand. Only with the stuff I love most, things with lace or stretch, and all my good bras. And none of it goes in the dryer. Bras never go in the dryer. IT WARPS!! -- hedwig.
  6. hah! you are my hero!
  7. I don't. As much as I like to keep my things nice, I just toss it into a mesh bag in the washer. I even toss it in the dryer. It's always okay though. I haven't had anything ruined yet! I have to do this though. If I handwash, I feel that my things aren't clean enough.
  8. Lingerie bag and tossed into the wash with the rest of my clothes. I hang them to dry though.
  9. I get that same feeling, re: cleanliness.
  10. Thanks for the responses all! My bras' don't have lace, their the Very Sexy ones from VS.. so could I throw them into the washer?
  11. tee hee...thanks. if I'm not feeling too lazy, I'll put them in a laundry bag..nothing too terrible has happend to anything, just a few lumpy looking bras, but no biggie.