Taking care of the suede on tricolor luggage

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  1. I have a tricolor celine with suede sides (picture attached). I’m going back and forth about selling it because I’m not using it much. I worry about the suede part. Can anyone share their experience with the wear and tear please?

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  2. This tricolor combo is really nice, and easy to wear. I'd reconsider selling...the suede is only on the sides and in navy, so not a high maintenance color. Consider spraying suede protector as a precaution.
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  3. Thank you for responding. I also love the color combo :smile:. I’ve tried to sell 3 times and whenever I get a quote I change my mind and decide to keep it ! I bought a special spray for suede but am afraid to use it. Would love to hear from anyone who did that!
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  5. I have a suede and leather mini in all black and found that the leather parts sustain more wear. The suede is the "belly" of the bag on mine. It's a first gen, so about ten years old and the suede looks nearly new. Maybe invest in a suede brush to main the suede's softness?
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    try using your spray on a pair of suede shoes that you are less nervous about first. then for added security, do another pair, maybe one that has similar quality of suede as your bag. once you've done enough to set your mind at ease, and have had enough practice too, then do it on your bag. i've used collonil spray on my nubuck suede bags and boots and they look fine.
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  7. That’s great to know. Thank you!