Taking care of RM Gold Hardware?

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  1. Just wanted to ask you girls how you take care of your RM gold hardware... I've found some bit parts with spots that darken over time/use. Thanks in advance!
  2. Ya know, from what I understand, the tarnishing/oxidation is just going to happen on the RM bags (atleast from the older seasons from what I hear) More than a few of my bags have this characteristic but ultimately I don't mind. I feel like it adds to the character and gives it a slightly vintage feeling, KWIM? Anyhoo, if it really bothers you, you can very carefully apply some brass cleaner to spiff the shine back up.
  3. Thanks Gung -- I don't mind the tiny bits, and if it did rub off completely to reveal brass I'd love it, it's just the dark long, large, streaks bother me. Probably the humidity is also to blame but *shrugs* love them and want to make them last as long as they will! :smile: