Taking care of Metallic Leather?


Jun 21, 2010
San Diego
Hey Chanel lovers, so with the new metallic rainbow bag, and metallics in general making a comeback this Fall/Winter, can anyone comment on how to treat this type leather?

I actually have a vintage square mini coming in with gold metallic leather. It needs some cleaning and conditioning. Anyone have experience with caring for this type leather? Can you use leather conditioners on it? (ex. Cadillac conditioner) Or are their any products best suited for this type leather. Bonus points for anyone who has restored one of these bags and has tips.
I know most leather spas won’t touch metallics.


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Aug 31, 2008
I believe Docride’s Lazarus thread is limited to Hermes, but you could perhaps pm her to see if she can do anything? She’s restored many of my bags, not all Hermes. your bags sounds like a great find! Very happy for you! Years ago, chanel boutique would fix my bags, but I don’t know what the procedure is now.