Taking Care of Legacy Leather

  1. I just purchased two Coaches in the Legacy line. A Mandy and a Shoulder bag. I am so used to my other bags and using Wilson's Leather protector on them or LMB products. But I thought I read somewhere that you aren't suppose to use anything on the Legacy leather and let it distress naturally.
    So...No Wilsons even? Any tips on how to have my Coaches age well?

    I also purchased and older style Camel Studded Hobo on eBay and the leather looks like it should be treated as well. Any ideas?

    I went a little Coach crazy here lately. I used to have scads of Coaches years ago and sold them all when I got into some other bags. Now I am back. I bought a Chelsea Satchel in Mineral and ended up selling it because I hated how it didn't hold it's satchel shape. I just bought and sent back an Ergo with a dogleash clip belt but sent it back because I found the leather very thin and unsubstantial and almost vinyl like. But I couldn't get past these Legacy bags. I had to get them before it was to late.
  2. Welcome to the Coach world! I am back too. Just not feeling the Koobas recently ... still love the oldies though.

    I love so many Coaches, the Legacy line is amazing, the Chelseas, Carlys ... the Bleekers, the Ergos, all YUMMY!
  3. I just saw that link. Thanks Laura. Does Legacy Buck leather incorporate all Legacy bags or is the Buck leather different? In this link it sems to indicate you can use the Coach products on it although I have read elsewhere not to.

    My Soft Pebbled Studded Hobo is on the No list though.