Taking care of leather

  1. I have a black Bleeker satchel and a berry sophia. Got the Sophia from eBay.. it's the real deal, a little worn.. but only $139.00! She's so pretty! So.. now that I have these great bags, how do I take care of the leather? And how often?

    Thanks! I want my girls to stay pretty. :smile:
  2. The Coach conditioner is the best I have found. Used in small amounts so the leather does not get to wet. It does not permently darken Leather. If A Brown Leather Bag is real Dry it will darken it some giving it moisture Back. This will help aginst cracking and water spots. Use 60 to 90 Day apart. Just me though.
  3. Thanks for the help!
  4. Ugh... so today I got very sick and left work early. Stumbled out of my car and toward my front door and I dropped my berry sophia in the snow! Not the pretty, fluffy, pristine stuff... this was nasty, upstate NY, been there for a week rotting snow. (But thankfully I just missed the yellow part! EWWW!)

    I ran in the house and immediately used the natural baby wipes that I clean my pug's face with. (Pug owners know the joy). Then I wiped her dry. Sophia looks okay. But yikes! And I'm thankful to my pug, Roman. LOL.