taking care of dark denim (preventing fading)?

  1. Hi, do any of you have any advice on taking care of dark denim and preserving the dark dye? I've been having problems with it fading out!:sad:
  2. I guess the only thing I have heard is washing them inside out.
  3. thanks for the link!!
  4. thanks!
  5. I wash them inside out with cold water and woolite for darks.
  6. Same here, always inside out and never above 30 degrees wash
  7. Wash with cold water, and inside out. Wash with the more faded ones you have so in case the colour runs, at least the others will get a bit darker!
  8. you can add a cup of white vinegar or salt to the wash in addition to washing inside out. also avoid putting jeans in the dryer
  9. On an episode of Oprah I watched recently it said to wash them inside out, and that seems to be the consensus here as well. I'm going to try it next time!